Kitchen Refacing Business Basics: 8 Things You Need to Know Before Getting Started

Kitchen Refacing Business

Today’s article shares 8 things you need to know before starting a kitchen refacing business.

Read on to learn what selling points to stress in your marketing copy, the full value your business model brings to the table, and what makes our franchise opportunity so compelling.

  • Most people can’t tell the difference between cabinet refacing and replacing. When marketing your kitchen refacing business, emphasize this fact. People tend to view refacing as a move-saving compromise, but little do they know that refacing completely transforms kitchen cabinets.
    At Kitchen Solvers, our refacing process involves upgrading and replacing all visible cabinet components. That means securing new wood paneling to the fronts and sides of existing cabinet structures, replacing the frame fronts, hinges, and toe-kicks, and swapping in decorative knobs and handles.
    The end result is a total transformation that’s indistinguishable from a full-on replacement.
  • Cabinet refacing adds instant value to the home. This is another major selling point for your kitchen refacing business that you should bring to the attention of any prospect.
    Though most major kitchen remodels pay off in terms of cost regained, the high-impact, low-cost nature of cabinet refacing usually delivers a high return on investment when it’s time to sell.
  • Cabinet refacing doesn’t disrupt daily life. Cabinet refacing is quick, easy, and completely non-invasive. Our kitchen refacing business emphasizes a “Pleasant Remodeling Experience,” which means leaving clients free to use their kitchens for the duration of the job. Once our team has measured the dimensions of the client’s existing cabinets, we cut and prepare all refacing materials off-site. The installation itself takes no time at all, so the homeowner won’t have to worry about messes and prolonged exposure to any scrap wood, sawdust, stains, or paint.
  • Kitchen refacing businesses are extremely resilient. The kitchen refacing business model thrives in any economic climate. When the realty market is moving and people are selling left and right, clients seek you out to add value to their homes. And when the market cools down and people settle in for the long haul, clients seek you out to shake up their tired old kitchen space! Like any other cost-effective service, cabinet refacing stays in demand in all market conditions.
  • Customers have a huge variety of design options. Don’t let clients think that cabinet refacing limits their choices! They’ll have access to just as many options as they’d get if they chose to install custom cabinetry. Our kitchen refacing business provides all the samples, colors, wood species, stain, paint options, door fronts, hardware, and other design elements that clients need to custom-build the perfect refaced cabinets.
  • Cabinet refacing is never an all-or-nothing option. Some people will be surprised to learn that they can combine cabinet refacing with new cabinetry. Hybrid cabinet remodels offer the best of both worlds. They enjoy huge savings, while also expanding storage space or modifying the layout of their kitchen as desired.
  • Refaced cabinets last a long time. In fact, they’ll last just as long as custom cabinets. Some kitchen refacing businesses use artificial veneers that deteriorate over time, but Kitchen Solver’s refacing service provides a long-term home improvement solution.
  • Cabinet refacing is only for professionals. DIY projects are popular with homeowners, but cabinet refacing is an art and science that takes training and experience to get right. But that doesn’t mean you need cabinet experience to own a kitchen refacing business. At Kitchen Solver’s, our unparalleled training program can mold any motivated learner into a seasoned cabinet refacing pro.

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