Why Start a Kitchen Cabinet Refacing Franchise?

Why Start Cabinet Refacing Franchise?

Are you thinking about starting a kitchen cabinet refacing franchise, but aren’t yet convinced that this business is right for you?

Today’s post lays out 5 popular reasons that people choose to get involved in our kitchen remodeling company to help you make a smart investment.

  • Supply and demand trends support your profitability. A recent report by the Joint Center for Housing Studies suggests that the remodeling industry will enjoy landmark activity in 2018.Their research linked the surge of remodeling spending to two primary factors: the dubious realty market and the “Graying of America.” The former refers to many homeowners’ reluctance to sell in unfavorable market conditions, which makes them more likely to give their homes a facelift as they settle in for the long haul.The “Graying of America” refers to the fact that the Baby Boomers are aging past 65 en masse, and more than 90% of them plan to “age in place” according to a recent AARP study. That’s a huge number of people who will be interested in remodeling in the very near future.

    These demand surges look even better when you consider that the supply of independent remodeling contractors and kitchen cabinet refacing franchises is dwindling. The same Joint Center for Housing Studies report found that the total number of active contractors dropped since the recession and has only recently begun to recover.

    If you want to start a kitchen cabinet refacing franchise in 2018, supply and demand trends are on your side!

  • Working at Kitchen Solvers is fun and rewarding. We are looking for self-motivated people who aren’t afraid of hard work, but running a kitchen cabinet refacing franchise isn’t a grueling, back-breaking, or thankless job. On the contrary, you can choose to focus on whatever part of the business suits you, whether you prefer working with people, hands-on, or as a creative consultant for kitchen and bathroom design.
  • This business model is incredibly flexible. Whether you envision a big showroom or an overhead-free home-based business, our scalable opportunity will bring your dream to life. Moreover, since we offer such a broad range of services, you can choose to specialize in a something you love, or maximize your revenue streams as a complete remodeling suite.
  • No experience is required. Don’t let your lack of carpentry knowledge stop you from running a highly successful kitchen cabinet refacing franchise. If that sounds ridiculous to you, consider this: most of our most profitable franchise owners entered into our system with no experience. They trusted our training systems and support services to give them the knowledge and resources they’d need, and we delivered. You can learn more about what our training entails here.
  • Our startup costs are highly competitive. It’s not everyday that you come across an opportunity to start a kitchen cabinet refacing franchise that already has a strong national reputation, exclusive vendor relationships, and proven system, all for less than $100,000. You can see an itemized breakdown of our startup costs, as presented in the Franchise Disclosure Document, here.

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