Why Join A Remodeling Franchise Industry Trends and Profitability Explained

Why Join A Remodeling Franchise Industry Trends and Profitability Explained

The benefits of starting a business through an established franchise system are well established, but why choose a remodeling franchise? When most people think of opening a franchise, images of fast food drive-thrus and pizza places come to mind, but remodeling franchises gaining popularity as the market continues to thrive, even through multiple recessions. How is this possible?

In this post, we discuss some of the industry trends, market demands, and consumer behaviors that make the remodeling franchise model so profitable.

  • Steady demand for services. The recession hit the construction industry hard, but remodeling franchises continued to thrive. This impressive market stability isn’t hard to understand: after all, it’s more important to fix up vital living spaces than it is to build a new shed. Furthermore, new construction projects are usually big, expensive undertakings that take lots of time and manpower, whereas Kitchen Solvers renovations are smaller in scale, streamlined, and highly efficient. It’s easier to justify and afford remodeling services during a recession for these reasons, and thousands of Americans did, keeping our franchisees in the green during some of our country’s darker economic times.The remodeling industry is also expecting a huge surge in growth as the Baby Boomers continue to settle into retirement and Millennials start to play in the realty world. Longtime family homes are being sold, and thousands of people are getting involved in the house-flipping world. Both of these groups will depend on remodeling franchises like Kitchen Solvers to help them make the most of their selling experience.
  • Repeat customers. Most people don’t think of the remodeling franchise model when listing industries with repeat customers. After all, significant home renovations are less common than a trip through the drive-thru, right? Believe it or not, remodeling franchises often get a lot of business from the same households. The kitchen is the hub of home activity, which means it takes a beating over the years. This means steady business for your franchise. Furthermore, most people prefer to work on their kitchen or bathroom in small spurts. This makes the renovations easier to live with, less invasive, and faster to finish, minimizing the impact it has on your life. This is especially true with households on apartments with only one bathroom. WIth that in mind, it’s easy to see how repeat business is generated in this industry. Good help is hard to find; doing a great job on a faucet replacement could have you remodeling a customer’s entire house over time.
  • Cabinet refacing is never out of style. Kitchen Solvers Franchise innovated a cost-effective method of cabinet refacing that will never go out of style. Our cabinet refacing is one of the quickest and most inexpensive ways to add thousands of dollars of value to a home, and the visual impact is stunning. Realty experts agree that kitchen cabinets are always a talking point about prospective home buyers. Cabinet refacing delivers the same results as cabinet replacements at a fraction of the cost. Remodeling franchise owners can experts to get a huge percentage of their business from people interested in cabinet refacing – it’s a tireless trend in the home improvement world!

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