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We accomplish that by refacing or replacing cabinets. But we also do a lot more.

We start out as a consultant. When someone calls us and asks us to come to their home, we start by listening. “Tell me about yourself. What do you like about your kitchen? What do you wish was different?”

People usually only remodel their kitchen once or twice in a lifetime, and kitchen remodeling is a big project that intimidates many homeowners.

Customers start by educating themselves — but even that process can be overwhelming.

Kitchen Solvers Kitchen in remodeled home with wood cabinetry

If they’re lucky, they have a friend or family member who can recommend a good remodeling company. That’s where Kitchen Solvers gets 40 percent of its business. For some franchisees that have been operating for several years, the referral rate is closer to two-thirds.

Most customers, though, will begin educating themselves by buying kitchen remodeling magazines or turning on HGTV. They’ll see some neat ideas, some impressive changes, and then … sticker shock … they paid WHAT to have their kitchen redone?

Once customers recover, the next step usually goes like this: They head to one of the giant, big box home stores and start searching for the kitchen section where they find dozens of cabinets — some expensive, some cheap — and hundreds of pieces of hardware. There are endless choices, too, for countertops and backsplashes.

If you’re shopping at a big box home store, you’ll eventually have to hire an installer, too — which will likely double the price of the job.

The reality is that anybody can show you a selection of cabinets and shove a bunch of hardware catalogs in your face.

What makes Kitchen Solvers different — aside from the value that we deliver — is the fact that we take the time to listen, understand and educate.

Customers don’t necessarily have to gut their kitchen or buy the most expensive cabinets at the hardware store in order to have a gorgeous kitchen. Kitchen Solvers carries high-end cabinets, but we also carry affordable lines that can provide a high-end look, especially when they are put in by our professional installers. You might not need new cabinets at all. Kitchen Solvers pioneered high-end cabinet refacing, which allows us to transform the appearance of older cabinets that are still in good condition.

A complete kitchen remodel and a kitchen cabinet reface can carry very different costs — but both options can deliver a beautiful kitchen. Kitchen Solvers works with homeowners to help them understand their options so that when they are ready to remodel, they can use their money to buy the best possible value — regardless of their budget.

We deliver the value by offering a full range of kitchen cabinet remodeling services.

Kitchen Solvers Gourmet Kitchen Features White Cabinetry

Kitchen Solvers specializes in refacing, but if the old kitchen needs a complete overhaul, we can do it. We can help a homeowner redesign their kitchen layout, then remove the old cabinets and install new cabinets in order to completely change the way a kitchen looks and functions.

Old cabinets are often rock-solid, even after decades of use. If that’s the case, we can save homeowners a lot of money by refacing the cabinets and replacing the doors and drawers. The process can completely transform the look of a kitchen while preserving the old cabinets. It can also save customers thousands of dollars compared to the cost of completely new cabinets while achieving the style of a new modern kitchen.

There is a third option, which shows off the full extent of Kitchen Solvers’ expertise. We can add new cabinets to an existing kitchen — bringing in brand new cabinets while refacing the old cabinets to match. The result is a seamless integration of old and new cabinetry, and it can save customers money while allowing them to expand their kitchen while preserving the things they love about it.

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