Why Buy-In with a Big Brand? Beginners Guide to the Home Renovation Franchise Model

  Why Buy-In with a Big Brand? Beginners Guide to the Home Renovation Franchise ModelShould you launch your own business from scratch or leverage a proven home renovation franchise model instead? It’s a tough question with no universal “right” answer. Self-starting and franchising both offer their own pros and cons, and even those change depending on the individual. Today’s post highlights 3 reasons to consider using a brand’s home renovation franchise model instead of doing it alone.

Greater Reputation Capital Out Of The Gates

Research has shown that a company’s reputation influences profitability, referral conversion rates, stakeholder behavior, and advertising engagement, among other things (Klewes & Wreschniok, 2009). In their book, titled Reputation Capital: Building and Maintaining Trust in the 21st Century, Klewes & Wreschniok highlighted how companies with high levels of “reputation capital” consistently outperformed competitors with lower public approval ratings. Reputation capital is a term used to describe the sum of the value of a brand’s intangible assets, which includes business processes, patents, trademarks, safety, and sustainability, but especially its reputation for ethics, integrity, and quality products or services. When it comes to reputation capital, big brands generally have a big edge over small startups. Not only do you get the power of a national marketing team, but your reputation capital is strengthened by the collective work of your franchise family. Smaller companies struggle to keep up. Take Kitchen Solvers for example. Our reputation capital comes from:

  • 35+ years in business
  • 45,000+ stunning kitchen and bathroom remodels
  • A proven home renovation franchise model that’s built thriving franchisees all over America
  • 1000s of client referrals nationwide
  • Hundreds of unsolicited 5-star reviews on third party sites
  • A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau

A Battle-tested Business Model

It was former heavyweight champion “Iron” Mike Tyson who famously said that “everybody has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.” This lesson applies to your business model, too. While it may look great on paper, theory and practice are two different things. It’s not at all uncommon for business plans to fall apart or need drastic overhauls once the realities of day-to-day work demands, staffing issues, and operating expense set in–or your competitors start “punching back.” Unfortunately, the only way for startups to get their hands on a battle-tested business model is to go through the gauntlet themselves. It’s much easier when you buy in with a big brand: you get your hands on a proven home renovation franchise model from day-one. It guides you from training to retirement, so you get the full value of all the lessons we’ve learned over 35+ years in the business. Some key features of our home renovation franchise model include:

  • A one-stop shop offering total kitchen remodeling solutions, so franchisees never have to say “No!” to clients
  • Platinum Sales process
  • Option of a home-based or showroom model
  • Cash-based business
  • No inventory
  • A flexible and customized proven business plan

Comprehensive Training And Support

Most big brands provide structured training that will teach you all you need to know to operate the business. This training is usually included in the start-up costs, with a set fee and timeline. And since it’s designed to teach you a specific business process (rather than an entire field of study), training is much faster than the self-taught or postsecondary alternatives. Kitchen Solvers offers:

  • Training in marketing, sales, installation, business management, website operation, and more
  • Ongoing coaching and employee development
  • A community of franchise owners to support you

But just as they say you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink, the same is true of our opportunity–no matter what, your success is ultimately up to you.

Explore Kitchen Solver’s Home Renovation Franchise Model

Call 608-615-7399 or visit the Kitchen Solver’s Contact Page to book a free consultation with a member of our team and get your questions answered. References Klewes, J., & Wreschniok, R. (2009). Reputation capital: Building and maintaining trust in the 21st century. In Reputation Capital. Springer, Berlin, Heidelberg.  


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