Start a Successful Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling Franchise with Kitchen Solvers

Start a Successful Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling Franchise with Kitchen Solvers   Today’s post highlights how Kitchen Solvers supports kitchen and bathroom remodeling start-ups and breaks down the most common industry barriers to entry.

Is the remodeling industry right for you?

“A remodeling business is a great investment for the person who has a passion for home improvement, with extensive knowledge of multiple construction skills, and enjoys a background of business and accounting,” says If you’re new to the kitchen and bathroom remodeling industry and trying to start a business by yourself, this tiny snippet is probably enough to crush your dreams. Most investors eyeing the bathroom and kitchen remodeling industry for the first time do not have “extensive knowledge of multiple construction skills.” Many entrepreneurs lack even a “background of business and accounting.” But that doesn’t mean your dream has to die. If you partner with a successful kitchen and bathroom remodeling franchise, you don’t need any prior skills or experience. Our initial training program is one of the cornerstones of the Kitchen Solvers Advantage. We will teach you everything you need to know about kitchen and bathroom design and installation. You’ll also learn how to use our state-of-the-art marketing platform; how to close more sales with our Platinum Sales Process; how to set and meet big business goals with the Franchise Vision Plan; how to make more impressions and convert prospects to clients; how to manage vendors and products; and everything else you need to run a successful company. The only thing we can’t teach is attitude and work ethic. But as long as you bring a positive mentality and willingness to work hard, you’ve got what it takes to run a successful kitchen and bathroom remodeling franchise.

How to start a remodeling business — Self-starters vs. Franchisees

Life isn’t easy for self-starters during the early goings. breaks down the first 2 steps as follows:

Save money to cover start-up costs.

“If you are looking to enter the business world offering major renovation services, expected to have start-up capital of $250,000 to $500,000 as you’ll need to be able to purchase your first few orders of materials and hire staff before your customer pays you for the completed job.” That’s a huge investment. And since you’re going it alone, there’s no guarantee you’ll generate a return. Moreover, this assumes you’ve already spent the time and money to educate yourself on business management and brought your remodeling skills up to par. Consider the alternative: you can start a successful kitchen and bathroom remodeling franchise with Kitchen Solvers for $65,810- $90,580 in start-up costs, which includes the franchise up to $25,000 in liquid capital to cover you in case of shortfalls and emergencies. That’s a fraction of the cost of self-starting, and it comes with premium training and support, vendor discounts, an established brand name, and more.

Dig into the paperwork.

Self-starting isn’t as easy as posting a few classified ads promoting your company. says you need to register for taxes, form a legal entity, open a business bank account, set up business accounting, obtain necessary permits and licenses, get business insurance, and define your brand before you can truly get started. These are all excellent points, but the advice stops there. There’s no mention of how one should go about obtaining these things or submitting this paperwork. Once again, the self-starter is left on their own. Only now the clock is ticking–you’ve already invested in your business, and you lose money every second you spend idling in the pre-opening phase. Once again, Kitchen Solvers simplifies the process. We guide you through all legal paperwork and licensing as part of our streamlined start-up process. And unlike the self-starter, you’ll always have franchise family members to turn to when questions pop up and help is required. In other words, franchisees blow through the start-up process and start generating their ROI faster than self-starters.

Learn more about starting a kitchen and bathroom remodeling franchise with Kitchen Solvers

In terms of the benefits of franchising over self-start-up, we’ve hardly scratched the surface. Visit our website to learn all about how we enhance your marketing, sales, visibility, and much more.


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