What To Look For In Handyman Franchise Opportunities

What To Look For In Handyman Franchise Opportunities


Handyman franchises are great opportunities for entrepreneurs who want to be their own boss. But not all handyman franchises present equally great opportunities. How can you tell which are the best handyman franchises?

A Handyman Might Be Able To Fix And Make A Lot Of Things. But Handyman Franchises Succeed Most When They Can Focus On One Type Of Service.

Commonly referred to as “handymen”, but there are also many “handywomen”—can handle a variety of jobs. Installing a door, realigning floorboards, building a deck, some handymen can do it all. But it’s hard to know how to market all of these skills. Often, if you market yourself as a do-everything handyman, you’ll be overlooked. You’ll be seen as a jack of all trades and a master of none. That’s why it makes sense to purchase a franchise from a franchisor that has made their name on one type of job. You want a clear brand identity. Therefore, if you see a handyman franchise opportunity that specializes in, let’s say kitchen jobs, you know they have a good basis for their marketing and business model.

Look For A Handyman Franchise Opportunity That Comes From A Franchisor With A Clear Marketing Plan.

Learning how to market yourself is difficult for any business. Help with marketing is a huge benefit when it comes to purchasing a franchise. Look for handyman opportunities from franchisors with proven marketing messages and innovative digital strategies that can generate leads for your handyman business.

One Of The Best Reasons To Invest In A Franchise Is To Benefit From The Experience Of The Company. Look For A Handyman Franchise Opportunity That Comes From People With Experience.

By working with experienced franchisors you get to benefit from their knowledge and experience. You also benefit from a brand name that has generated some recognition. Lastly, you can benefit from the business connections they’ve made. Business relations are extremely important in the handyman business. Relationships with vendors who can, for example, sell you top class cabinets for reduced prices will give you a huge edge over the competition.

You Can Only Benefit From The Experience Of Franchisors If They Impart Their Wisdom To You. Look For A Handyman Franchise Opportunity That Comes With Training And Support.

Look for a handyman franchisor that will really invest in your success. Comprehensive training and ongoing support are must-haves. This includes on-location sales training and support. Having a flushed out localized marketing plan is also essential. Be sure to look for a franchisor who will assist with marketing, salesperson training, and ongoing sales coaching. Kitchen Solvers offers all the above and more to our franchisees. Please contact us to learn more via our website or call 888-484-8468.




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