3 Tips to Optimize Your Budding Handyman Business in 2019

3 Tips to Optimize Your Budding Handyman Business in 2019

As the title suggests, today’s post runs down 3 tips to optimize your budding handyman business and prime it for big growth in the future.

These are actionable tips that you can use to improve any handyman business. They’re not brand specific, and they’re totally scalable, so they’ll work equally well being implemented at a budding one-man operation or an established multinational handyman business.

All 3 of these tips are inspired by our proven franchise model at Kitchen Solvers. That’s the whole point–these tips are battle-tested, not pulled out of thin air. If you like what you see here, and want to learn more about the brand that inspired these best practices, scroll to the end of this post or call 888-484-8468 to book a consultation with a franchise development specialist.

3 Tips To Optimize Your Budding Handyman Business

  • Expand your skills and service inventory. Unless you’re completely satisfied with your current model and market share, you should always be looking to expand your skills and service offerings, with the ultimate goal to transform your niche handyman business into more of a “one stop shop.”The “one stop shop” model provides a number of advantages. As such, your business instantly becomes more appealing to homeowners that don’t want to juggle multiple contractors at once. Rather than getting multiple quotes and managing multiple personalities to get their flooring, countertops, and backsplash done, the homeowner works exclusively with you. That saves them lots of time and effort that would otherwise be wasted explaining the same vision, preferences, and budgetary constraints to three different companies (and trying to coordinate all those schedules!). As a one-stop shop, you’ll be able to bundle 2-3+ jobs together, which not only gets you a bigger payday but also allows you to save money on advertising.Jumping from a single-service handyman business to one-stop shop isn’t practical, nor is it necessary. But gradually expanding your service offerings over time is a great idea, and one that comes with very little risk if managed correctly.

    When you start expanding your offerings, choose skills that complement your existing services so that you can take advantage of complementary marketing. For instance, you might be a cabinet replacement Great! Now add some cabinet refacing skills, building off your existing skills while also opening a whole new group of remodeling spenders.

  • Go the extra mile for clients. They say time is money, and while going the extra mile to make clients happy definitely takes time, it definitely pays off, too!Small businesses that grow exponentially are often those that exceed their clients’ expectations right from the start. Pay attention to the small things, respect their homes, and show some flexibility to accommodate their schedules. Above all, do not waste their time. That means arriving exactly when you promised, taking deadlines seriously, and immediately alerting clients to potential delays.
  • Build a great website. They once said a business with no sign is a sign of no business, and what was once true of signage is now true of websites. We get it: you didn’t get into the handyman business to spend your days staring at a screen. But a small investment in a website could be what separates you from local competition in 2019 and beyond. Alarming studies now show that the majority of consumers judge a business based on their website design.Don’t worry: it’s easier than you think. There are plenty of templates and user-friendly website builders available out there nowadays. Be sure to include all your pertinent company contact information, along with a brief company background, list of services/products, and before-and-after photos for bonus credibility!

Starting A Handyman Business With Kitchen Solvers

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