What Are The Benefits Of Owning A Kitchen & Bath Remodeling Franchise?

What Are The Benefits Of Owning A Kitchen & Bath Remodeling Franchise?

Franchise ownership allows entrepreneurs to own their own business while following a business model that has proven to be successful. But of all the franchises to choose, why should you choose a kitchen and bath remodeling franchise?

Franchise Ownership

Starting your own, completely independent business is extremely difficult and while some are successful, it usually takes many years to return a profit. How much money do you have to keep you going the X number of years before you manage to turn a profit? Will a bank or financial institution be willing to lend you money? Will customers or clients want to come to you? How will you cope if a well-known franchise opens in your area? And lastly, how can you be sure you know what you’re doing? While there are a lot of resources to assist you with starting your own business, it can be overwhelming to have to both learn from scratch while also managing a business.

Franchise ownership answers all of these questions. If you buy the right franchise, that is. But what’s the franchise for you? Some people have a particular interest in or aptitude for working in a specific industry. But some entrepreneurs are willing to take on any job if it looks like a good business proposition. Is a kitchen and bath remodeling franchise a good business proposition?

Kitchen & Bath Remodeling Franchises

A good kitchen and bath remodeling franchisor won’t sell to just any prospective franchisee. They look for the right fit. And once they find a suitable candidate, they’re going to ensure that their candidate gets a lot of benefits and the support they will need to succeed. This includes a detailed business template to follow. But the template is just that: a template. In the renovation and remodeling business, there’s a lot of variation. No two jobs are the same so it’s difficult to know what to expect. But this variability can also be an asset.

In the kitchen and bath remodeling franchise you own can be customized to your needs. For example, operating out of a showroom can really pay off for a lot of kitchen and bath remodeling franchisees. You can show off the kind of work you do. But when just starting out, many kitchen and bath remodeling franchisees prefer to operate out of their homes, saving a lot of money on overhead. The same goes for employees. The more employees you have, the quicker you can finish jobs, but if you want to save on costs, you don’t need a large staff at all. More than anything, a lot of the money you make is profit. On a job of about $15,000, you can expect to take home over 40% of that as pure profit with a good kitchen and bath remodeling franchise.

When you are looking at kitchen and bath remodeling franchises, consider the support you will receive from the Home Office. Most franchisors provide this sort of “business template”, but do they work with you to help you customize it to what will work best for you? Think about one year, two years, five years, and ten years down the road. You will face different obstacles and have different business goals and operating standards. This is why Kitchen Solvers Home Office team works to customize plans with their franchise partners and then stays closely engaged to make sure they have enough support. Besides, one of the best benefits of being part of a franchise is that you’re not alone. To learn more about the Kitchen Solvers Home Office Team, visit our Meet the Team page or contact us today.


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