What Are Modular Kitchens And Are They Good For Business?

What Are Modular Kitchens and Are They Good for Business?

“Modular kitchen business franchises.” If you’ve been researching kitchen franchises or the kitchen remodeling business, you’ve probably come across the phrase “modular kitchen”. But what does it mean?

What Is A Modular Kitchen?

A modular kitchen consists of pre-made cabinet parts. The parts fit together to create a complete, efficient kitchen design. There are two main types of modular cabinets—upper and lower units—but there are also full-size units, like closets and pantries, that reach from the floor to the ceiling. Modular kitchens are pre-built and can be purchased in sections which are typically flat packed for home assembly. With a modular kitchen, you don’t get all the details you might want in your dream kitchen, but it’s often easier and less messy than a custom-made kitchen that is designed custom to your kitchen.

Are Modular Kitchens Good Or Bad For Kitchen Remodeling Business Franchises?

Modular kitchens aren’t really either good or bad in the grand scheme of the kitchen remodeling business. Remodeling with a modular kitchen is usually less expensive than hiring a kitchen remodeling business to custom-make a kitchen because with a modular kitchen, everything is already constructed. And by combining different upper, lower, and full-size units, you can create a unique look to your kitchen using mass-produced parts. And there are also many different cabinet finishes, countertop materials, and handles you can utilize to create a kitchen that suits your style. However, modular kitchens are limiting. You can’t always get the finish or the hardware you want.

Do Kitchen Solvers Franchises Do Modular Kitchen Jobs?

At Kitchen Solvers, we prefer to focus on larger scale jobs and modular kitchen jobs can be quite small. At Kitchen Solvers, we have found that specializing in medium to big jobs is a better use of time for our franchise partners.

Profit margin tends to correlate with the size of a job, so not only are you going to generate more revenue with a big job, a larger percentage of that ticket will be profit. We do however offer cabinet refacing, which usually takes three to five days per job. Cabinet refacing essentially consists of replacing doors and drawer fronts of cabinets and cupboards and applying a new veneer to the surface of the body of the cabinets. Usually this also means replacing hardware like hinges and handles.

Kitchen Solvers Franchise Partners Handle Cabinet Refacing Jobs And Many Other Forms Of Kitchen And Bathroom Renovation.

To discover more about modular kitchens, please visit our blog. At Kitchen Solvers, we are always looking for qualified candidates to become one of our franchise partners. To learn more, please contact us.


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