Starting a Kitchen Remodeling Business with Kitchen Solvers Franchise Company

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Thinking about starting a cabinet making business, or launching into the bath and kitchen remodeling industry? Read on to learn more about this popular career move for motivated self-starters.

Why try starting a bath and kitchen remodeling and cabinet making business?

Whether you enter this exciting industry from a construction background or a completely unrelated vocation, you can be sure to find success and satisfaction here. If you are looking at starting a cabinet making business, or applying your building industry skills to bath and kitchen remodeling, then Kitchen Solvers may be your ticket!

  • Bath and kitchen remodeling is an industry that is largely populated by self-employed individuals just like you. However, unlike most self-starters, you have chosen to enter the industry with Kitchen Solvers on your side; the platinum sales process, installation assistance, booking and marketing boosts, and brand recognition you benefit from will set you considerably ahead of your competitors.
  • The investment capital needed to kick-start your bath and kitchen remodeling business is typically much less than what is needed for start-up construction firms. There are a number of reasons for this. First, you will be able to get most of the job done on your own thanks to a thorough training program that outfits you with the skills needed to tackle marketing, sales, consultation, design, and construction duties with your own two hands. This means considerably less overhead because you are not forced to shell out employee salaries. Secondly, as a specialized bath and kitchen remodeler, you will not need to pay for the same diverse spread of tools and materials that a construction company would, nor will you need to cover the costs of heavy-duty industrial material storage.
  • According to the U.S. Census Bureau, most American homeowners prefer to hire on professional help when eyeing home remodeling or cabinet making projects. The kitchen and bathroom are two of the most vital rooms in the house, being functional hubs that get everyday use to satisfy our most basic needs. The kitchen especially is also a sacred spot where family meals and meetings are set. Additionally, these two rooms are big selling points when it comes time to put your home on the realty market. With all of these factors considered together, it isn’t hard to see why American homeowners opt for professional help with their bath and kitchen remodeling projects, rather than risking fate with a DIY attempt.
  • Kitchen Solvers puts you in a position to do more business in a given time period. When starting a cabinet business, you may find yourself unable to secure work in the early goings. When your name has not been established through online review sites, word of mouth, and traditional advertisements, many Americans will not be willing to take a gamble on your unproven service. Additionally, independent start-ups may be forced into lulls while they wait for employee applications and tool and material arrivals. With Kitchen Solvers, you get to start making money right away. With your hands-on training behind you, the process begins, and you can start making your money back immediately. In conjunction with our KBizPro service, KSF will set you up for success and continued business with a multitude of marketing and advertising support options, while the Platinum Sales Process will make the most out of every custom interaction. The Kitchen Solvers Business System is streamlined for maximal efficiency, able to deliver custom kitchen and bathroom solutions to clients using premium materials in a relatively short time, with installation assistance always available to expedite the installation process. This translates to “quality without quantity,” as you can deliver stunning remodeling results without taking up a huge quantity of your time. The bottomline here is that Kitchen Solvers’ streamlined marketing, sales, consultation, material acquisition, and installation process lets you finish more projects in a given period of time than your competitor, giving you the leg up when starting a cabinet making business!

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