The Organization Conversation: How to Organize Your Kitchen

The Organization Conversation: How to Organize Your Kitchen   For someone who just had a remodelling job down in the kitchen, keeping it clean and looking new is a main concern. One way to do that is to keep the kitchen organized and clean. It is one of the most used areas of the home, so keeping it in top shape can be a challenge. Let’s take a look at a few ways to organize your kitchen to keep it clean, functional and enjoyable for everyone.

Before You Start

The first step to kitchen organizing is to empty out your cabinets. Yes, that’s right, everything comes out. Get ride of anything you don’t use, is broken or things you haven’t touched in a year. Group similar things together, like your baking dishes or cooking pots. It makes sense to put cups near the sink, pots near the stove and utensils near where you prepare food. Coffee mugs should be near your coffee maker, as well as anything you need to make your morning coffee easier to prepare.

The Organizing

Items that are used the most often should be put in cabinets right above the kitchen counters. Heavy items should be put in the lower cabinets and the least-used items can be placed in the less-accessible cabinet areas. Vertical Space: Use all available space, even space between above and below cabinets. You can use hooks for mugs, measuring cups, cooking utensils and racks for glasses. You can put the hooks under or on the inside of cabinet doors. The use of ceiling racks for pots are helpful too. The more you can hang, the less clutter and more space in our cabinets.  Containers and Lids: Have containers for storage inside your cabinets. Put everything you sorted into the containers which should be clear. In these clear containers, put all like items together, like sauces in one, mixes in other and in yet another put hot cereal. Beside helping with sorting, the containers prevent any spills and messes. In one drawer or cabinet, place all containers with their lids. Yes, put them together! You won’t have to go looking for matching parts when you are in a hurry. We’ve all been through that before.  Try to store your pots and lids the same way if possible. No one likes to dig for lids while cooking.  Cabinets: The variety of cabinets is a major help in organizing your kitchen. There are fun and easy-to-use lazy-Susans. They are good for holding oils, spices, cooking ingredients and vinegar. You can also put them in the refrigerator. There are drawer dividers. These are always good for that drawer that holds all the odds and ends. The dividers prevent it from becoming the chaos we all know it can become. There are also many types and styles of cabinets, all which have their own special way of assisting the organization of your kitchen. To name a few, you can enjoy islands, shallow drawers, pull out shelves and open shelves. You simply need to pick the one that suits you.

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