The Lure of the Hybrid Kitchen

The Lure of the Hybrid Kitchen Are there parts of your kitchen that you just can’t stand, but other parts you love? You may be itching for a new kitchen, but afraid of the overwhelming cost. What about creating your own hybrid kitchen? If you’ve never heard of hybrid kitchens, perhaps you should keep reading. 

What Are Hybrid Kitchens?

Hybrid kitchens are those kitchens that mix the old and the new. They can be a combination of styles and tastes. These kitchen express home-owners personalities, while sticking to financial requirements and being functional. Every hybrid kitchen is unique. Hybrid kitchens create a new style of kitchen around an already existing surface like a countertop. Many houses built in the 1990’s to 2000’s have granite countertops that folks really don’t want to tear out. Kitchen Solvers can build around the existing countertop, creating a hybrid kitchen.  This saves money you would spend on new countertops as Kitchen Solvers refaces the base cabinets and replaces the upper cabinets to mix, or match, styles.

The Lure

If you want to know why this trend is catching on, keep reading. This type of kitchen is quite the rage now and it’s easy to see why. The first reason is that it is a cheaper alternative to ripping out your whole kitchen and starting over. You can actually save a large amount (thousands) of money doing a kitchen remodel this way. Hybrid kitchens cut costs because instead of buying everything new, and paying for longer work times, hybrid kitchens use what you want to keep and reface to refresh the look. Customers have more choice as to what they want to take out, and what they want to keep intact. They can keep what they love, while still getting a brand new kitchen with a new look. The construction time is cut way down, so you don’t have to put up with lengthy renovations. Hybrid kitchens are a great way to increase or improve the functioning of your kitchen space. You can have useless cabinets removed, reface old ones and remodel your kitchen to suit your lifestyle.

A Couple Ideas for Your Hybrid Kitchen

You can add some Smart kitchen technology to your home. Take out some boring appliances and add some with cooking technology, where you will be notified when your meal is cooked. Or, if you like to keep an eye on things, get an oven with a camera. By introducing Smart kitchen technology, you are also updating your kitchen to be more efficient Why not give new life to your cabinets? Maybe those old cabinets that are too small to really hold anything can be taken out, but put in larger ones and reface what’s left. Would cabinets go better over there, or keep them here? You can decide! Hybrid cabinet doors are high quality and strong. They are reliable, and free of blemishes that solid wood door would have. They still look like real wood, and feel like real wood, but won’t contract or expand. Refacing cabinet doors is one step in a hybrid kitchen that can totally change the look of the room. Hybrid kitchens are truly the best of both worlds. They are a blending of tastes, styles and practical remodelling. Create a kitchen you can truly enjoy by updating this room in your home to a hybrid kitchen. At Kitchen Solvers, you will find expert advice and workmanship. Take that first step towards your own hybrid kitchen, contact Kitchen Solvers today.

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