8 Rapidfire Wood Cabinet and Floor Care Tips from a Kitchen and Bath Franchise

8 Rapidfire Wood Cabinet and Floor Care Tips from a Kitchen and Bath Franchise

Today’s post shares 8 easy wood cabinet and floor care tips that can extend the life of your favorite kitchen surfaces, courtesy of our kitchen and bath franchise. Read on to learn how to get more value out of your kitchen remodel and avoid everyday mistakes that can cut the life of your cabinets and flooring in half.

  • Cut down your clean-up response time.

    Any spills should be cleaned from wood surfaces thoroughly and without delay. Watch out for high acid foods like orange juice, balsamic vinegar, coffee, and tea, which can seriously compromise wood surfaces. But almost any spills will do damage when neglected for long periods of time.

    Moreover, dirt and dust needs to be removed regularly. A soft cloth, Swiffer, or similar gentle dust-collecting tool will do. For best results, follow the wood grain.

  • Steer clear of harmful detergents.

    Even trace amounts of small detergent can damage or discolor some wood flooring and cabinetry, so be careful about wayward drips and spray when using these cleaning agents nearby. Furthermore, avoid wiping up spills with dish rags or sponges that may have been exposed to these detergents.

    For best cleaning results, use mild soap and small amounts of water, and wipe with a clean, lint-free rag. Know that excess or leftover water can permanently raise the graining of wood flooring, and the longer it sits, the greater the risk of it penetrating through the finish.

    If you have any doubts about the strength of your cleaner or the resilience of your kitchen cabinet finish, get in touch with a local representation from our kitchen and bath franchise.

  • Don’t wax; just polish.

    Waxes definitely create a temporary shine, but tend to attract dust, dirt, and grease that gets buried under multiple coats and can affect the finish over time. On that note, you should also avoid any over the counter sprays or cleaners, which typically contain silicone and wax. Polishes are the way to go.

  • Don’t polish dirty wood.

    Doing so effectively gives your wood floor or cabinet a makeshift sandblasting. Clean the wood surface thoroughly because you start polishing using the method prescribed above.

  • Leverage natural humidity where possible.

    Many wood surfaces respond well to fresh air and natural humidity. When restricted to stagnant indoor airs, some wood surfaces can dry out, leading to cracks and splits over time.

    So how do you do it? For most people, it’s as simple as opening the windows as often as possible to air the space out.

  • Go with the grain.

    This was mentioned previously in regards to cleaning, but deserves a spot of its own. Any physical or mechanical action being performed on your wood surfaces should follow the direction of the wood grain. Doing otherwise will degrade that wonderful woodgrain finish, and can even rip the wood.

  • Minimize direct sun exposure.

    While natural air and humidity is great for wood surfaces, the opposite is true of natural lighting, at least in regards to direct sunlight. The sun accelerates drying and can discolor pigments to create a washed-out effect over time.

  • Always use the stove fan when cooking near wood cabinets.

    Airborne smoke and grease is easily absorbed by some wood cabinets, which can create unwanted stains and smells. Using the fan prevents this, and also minimizes the risk of water vapor settling in and warping your wood.

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