Find the Right Cabinet Shop for Sale: 3 Client-Inspired Questions for Smarter Research

Find the Right Cabinet Shop for Sale: 3 Client-Inspired Questions for Smarter Research

Today’s post is all about helping you find the right cabinet shop for sale.

They say that the customer knows best, so what can the top-3 cabinet shop service-user queries tell us about the value of a business opportunity?

If these 3 questions can help customers evaluate a business, they can work for investors too. Read on to find out how.

“How Long Have You Been in Business?”

This is the number-one question that contractors, kitchen remodelers, and cabinet refacers get, and rightly so. Though there’s more to exceptional service than “time served,” experience definitely matters.

Potential customers tend to see brand new companies as unproven commodities, and they may be more reticent to work with you on big-ticket remodels and cabinet replacements if you’ve got less than a year in business.

As an aspiring business owner, you may have accepted this cold “trust-building” phase as an unavoidable reality. It’s not. While it’s true that businesses tend to grow slow before they grow fast, it’s possible to skip the “trust-building” phase altogether by purchasing a cabinet shop for sale with an established reputation.

So, like a client seeking an experienced service, seek out a cabinet shop for sale with plenty of experience–the more the merrier, as they say–and a trusted reputation. In doing so, you’ll benefit from the brand recognition from day-one, and you’ll also have some assurance that the company business model is viable.

Kitchen Solvers has been in business since 1982. In that time, we’ve executed more than 45,000 successful kitchen remodels and cabinet refacing jobs, which earned us a trusted reputation across America.

“Do You Have Insurance?”

This is easily the second most common question that contractors get. Clients need to know that their contractors have comprehensive business liability insurance and workman’s compensation in order to protect their property. Many will go out of their way to call insurance carriers and confirm, especially on big-ticket jobs, and rightly so.

Getting the right insurance for your business is obviously non-negotiable, but it’s amazing how few cabinet shops for sale actually support their buyers in their endeavor. Some brands focus their start-up entirely on systems training, leaving the complicated administrative tasks up to you.

We believe the best brands do both. And that’s why helping you acquire the right insurance is part of the Kitchen Solver’s start-up process. In the same way that we teach you best practices in marketing, sales, cabinet refacing, and management, we walk you through the paperwork process to ensure you’re fully compliant and protected from any unwanted liability.

“What Is The Time Frame For My Project?”

In the same way that a client needs to know how long a project will take before they can get back to real life, potential cabinet shop buyers need to know how long the start-up process is going to take before they can get back to making money.

For both, it’s a matter of the sooner, the better.

Accordingly, the best cabinet shop for sale will have a smooth start-up process that gets your doors open and sales rolling in ASAP.

Kitchen Solvers prides itself in its streamlined start-up. Our fat-free training system lays out all you need to know to run a successful business, turning beginners into experts in a matter of weeks. Furthermore, our business is home-based, requires no inventory, and runs perfectly with only 2-3 employees.

Kitchen Solvers also helps you determine a “time frame” for your business goals, which is something other cabinet shops for sale can’t claim. The Franchise Vision Plan (FVP) provides you with a trustworthy roadmap and timeline for achieving your personal and business milestones.

Learn more about the Kitchen Solvers opportunity–visit our website to book a free consultation.





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