Build Off of Proven Cabinet Business Ideas with Kitchen Solvers Franchise

Build Off of Proven Cabinet Business Ideas with Kitchen Solvers Franchise

Kitchen Solvers is one of many cabinet businesses for sale, but is unique in the sense of the value that is offered. More than simply a kitchen remodeling company, Kitchen Solvers empowers its franchise owners with the skills, techniques, professional channels, and promotional help that you will need to excel in a competitive home improvement industry. From their trusted reputation to their popular techniques, Kitchen Solvers gives you a great foundation to build off of.

Build Off of the Kitchen Solvers Brand

Kitchen Solvers kitchen remodeling franchise has established itself as an authority in the home improvement industry. This reputation was earned with sweat, dedication, and a commitment to customer service and satisfaction. A successful business since 1982, Kitchen Solvers kitchen remodeling franchise has left over 40,000 stunning rooms in the hands of happy homeowners across America. We protect this reputation, ensuring that all franchise owners are right for the job through a focused interview process and evaluation.

We are proud of this precious reputation as a proven kitchen remodeling authority, but we are willing to share! They say that some of the brightest thinkers in the contemporary world are merely “standing atop the shoulders of giants;” that is, they were only able to climb so high because of the work done before they got there. Similarly, Kitchen Solvers are a home improvement giant whose shoulders are open for you to stand on! With a proven brand name and a legacy of stunning kitchen left behind, Kitchen Solvers gives franchise owners the opportunity to step into an unfamiliar market with a trusted reputation (and steady stream of clients) already in place! Additionally,while many start-up companies will struggle with unfamiliar marketing and promotional duties, your training and our battle-test business strategy and Franchise Vision Plan will keep you comfortable.

Build Off of Cabinet Refacing – Go Green, Make Green

Perhaps one of our most recognizable services is our cabinet refacing technique. The innovation and refinement of this cost-effective cabinet installation technique is often considered one of our brightest cabinet business ideas, and is pointed to as one reason why we have been able to succeed in this industry for over thirty years.

Cabinet refacing involves replacing the doors, drawers, handles, and hinges of your cabinetry for stunning aesthetic results, while also making use of the existing frames. Frames are cleaned up to the point where we can add our vaneer or pressure sensitive adhesive to the existing face frames. They will look as good as new cabinetry, without taxing the environment, the clock, or your wallet! The popularity of this service isn’t hard to understand.

Simply put, cabinet refacing is immediately appealing to people because it can save them money without costing them in terms of kitchen or bathroom remodeling results. By joining with the Kitchen Solvers team, either as a franchise owner or an inspired homeowner who wants to achieve a kitchen of there dreams, you can take advantage of this technique. Imagine saving thousands on a remodeling project, or freeing up extra capital for premium materials, while you soak in compliments about your “new” cabinets from friends and family! Alternatively, franchise owners will enjoy the popularity of this remodeling technique as clients turn to the proven Kitchen Solvers name for this service.

Perhaps most importantly with the state of today’s environment, cabinet refacing is also a very environmentally “green” practice. Reduce the amount of wood expended in a single project by eliminating the need for new frames. Reuse existing materials like cabinet boxes, saving tons of particleboard and plywood consumption. Recycle at every step of your remodeling project by choosing Kitchen Solvers; we proudly work with reclaimed materials including lacquer thinner, printer and copier paper, corrugated products for packaging, and fiber-board pallets. Go green and make green with Kitchen Solvers cabinet refacing. This is a cabinet business idea that is too good to ignore, whether you are thinking about the economy or the environment.

About Kitchen Solvers

Kitchen Solvers is a multi-dimensional kitchen remodeling business, offering total kitchen remodeling solutions for homeowners across the country. As a one-stop-shop kitchen remodeling businessour franchisees never have to say NO because we offer the widest selection of products and services available. From kitchen design, cabinet refacing and new cabinetry to custom counter tops, tile back splashes, and storage solutions, Kitchen Solvers provides the best solutions to meet the unique remodeling needs of our customers. For more details visit –


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