4 Signs You Found the Right Kitchen Cabinet Business for Sale

4 Signs You Found the Right Kitchen Cabinet Business for Sale

Is there a kitchen cabinet business for sale in your area? Are you struggling to evaluate the opportunity?

Read on to learn 4 quality indicators that’ll help you make the best business decision.

The Brand Has A History of Success.

Kitchen Solvers was founded as a home-based business in 1982 that focused on high-quality cabinet refacing. Since then, we’ve expanded into multiple kitchen remodeling services, and even branched out internationally to set up franchises in Canada back in 1999. Today, we have more than 55 franchise outlets located throughout North America, which is something most kitchen cabinet businesses can’t say.

Of course, not every company needs a 30+ year history of success. But if they can’t produce any kind of records showing strong sales, customer satisfaction, or ongoing evolution, back away!

The Business is Being Sold For The Right Reasons.

Not every kitchen cabinet business for sale is going to be put on the market for the “right reasons,” such as expanding the brand, sustaining growth, and penetrating new markets. On the contrary, many kitchen cabinet companies are being sold because the owner is fed up with their bad business, and desperate to make it somebody else’s problem!

Indeed, many businesses are sold simply because the owners went broke, or because they foresee some legal liability issues coming down the pipeline. Stay vigilant and avoid these sellers at all costs!

There’s An Abundance of Glowing Customer Reviews.

Customer reviews are more important than ever for your company’s online visibility and trustworthiness. Of course, they’re also a classic litmus test that tells you a lot about the company’s process efficiency, customer service commitment, and professionalism.

Accordingly, if you’re evaluating a kitchen cabinet business for sale, make sure their customer reviews are glowing and abundant.

But don’t settle just knowing the reviews exist. Instead, have a listen and try to identity talking points that endorse the value of the kitchen cabinet business for sale.

For example, Pat and Tom’s review mentioned:

  • Kitchen Solvers cabinetry was less expensive than the alternatives they were shopping around for. This speaks to the value of Kitchen Solvers’ exclusive vendor agreements and fat-free refacing process, which allows us to charge less than the competition to win customers and increase our franchisees’ ROI. In Tom and Pat’s case, they saved about $19,000 dollars by refacing with Kitchen Solvers.
  • Kitchen Solvers got the job done in one day, which was much sooner than other companies were quoting them. This speaks to the value of our proven, pain-free installation process, which is not only great for clients wanting to avoid a major inconvenience, but also for franchisees who need rapid turnover to work with a high volume of clients.
  • Kitchen Solvers delivered high-quality work that the client loved. This speaks to the quality of our materials and training program, which can transform anyone with the right attitude into a true cabinet expert.

Take a close look at the reviews your chosen company has accrued over the years and learn what you can!

Start-Up Costs Are Reasonable and Transparent.

Despite whatever story the seller might be spinning, kitchen cabinet franchises are both affordable and relatively easy to launch.

The total amount required falls between $65,765 and $90,535, which includes everything you need to get started from training and pre-opening supplies to liquid capital. You can find an itemized list of our start-up costs at https://kitchensolversfranchise.com/research-kitchen-solvers/what-are-the-start-up-costs/


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