Cabinet Franchise Tips: 4 Things to Consider in a Kitchen Remodel

Cabinet Franchise Tips: 4 Things to Consider in a Kitchen Remodel Working up the courage for a big kitchen remodel? Don’t open the phonebook or the toolbox until you’ve made the following 4 considerations!

  • How big is the space I’m working with? When you’re buying materials and installing new fixtures, every inch of space is important. Though anything is possible if you dream (and budget!) big enough, most people aren’t interested in knocking down walls, preferring instead to “get in and get out” with a cost-efficient overhaul. With this in mind, the size of your kitchen will usually dictate the layout and scale of your remodel.Before you start combing through our product catalog, ask yourself a few questions about the space you’re working with. Is the kitchen big enough to accommodate an island? Is there enough room for a prep sink? Where can we sneak in some extra storage space? Are the current cabinets contributing to the flow and function of the kitchen, or just eating up space?These questions are best addressed by your Kitchen Solvers consultant. Our cabinet franchise owners are all highly trained in interior design and kitchen architecture, and are standing by to help you create a plan that produces big results on a modest budget for any size of space.
  • What are the characteristics of the existing layout? Many homeowners make the mistake of marrying themselves to their current kitchen layout. Don’t feel trapped in the original builder’s vision; our team can help you optimize the way your kitchen works.Take a look at the current layout of your kitchen space and ask yourself a few questions. Are you happy with the workflow your kitchen allows for meal preparation? Is it easy to move from the range to the sink? Does your kitchen work space feel overcrowded when more than one person is present? Are there enough electrical outlets for kitchen appliances, or are you constantly rotating appliances in and out of storage to accommodate different cooking tasks? What would you change?There are just a few of the questions you should ask yourself before sitting down with your Kitchen Solvers consultant. Whether you want your remodel to complement the existing layout or completely reimagine it, we can help.
  • What kind of kitchen infrastructure am I working with? The infrastructure of your kitchen refers to the power outlets, plumbing fixtures, and wires that keep it running the way its supposed to. Depending on the era of your home’s construction, your kitchen remodel could end up being a plumbing and electrical nightmare without proper planning.Working with a member of our cabinet franchise family ensures that the “guts” of your kitchen can handle the demands of daily use. Additionally, we can help repair or replace damaged infrastructural hardware, or plan your remodel around working plumbing and electrical features to avoid costly and time-consuming installs.
  • How much money am I working with? Budgeting your project is often the difference between failure and success in remodeling. Many clients come to us with horror stories about other cabinet franchises and contractors who run remodels into the ground with superfluous spending. We always work within our clients’ budgets, and plan their remodeling projects in a way that minimizes excess spending. The fastest way to waste your money in a kitchen remodel is to change your mind about materials, finishes, and features, and our comprehensive planning and design process eliminates this worry.Sit down with our cabinet franchise consultants, set a budget (we recommend somewhere between 6-10% of your home’s value for a complete kitchen remodel), and never stress about overage again!

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