4 Kitchen Remodeling Mistakes to Watch Out For

Kitchen Remodeling Mistakes Our kitchen remodeling business has been around since the early 1980s, and in that time, we’ve gotten to know the common and costly mistakes that hurt homeowners. Today, we share 4 kitchen remodeling mistakes to help keep your project on course.

Kitchen Remodeling Mistake #1: Too much “follow the leader.”

Working with a kitchen remodeling business you can trust is a huge boon, but deferring to the experts to the point where your style preferences are pushed aside is a huge mistake. Though there will be plenty of times where it’s in your best interest to listen to what your design team is saying, you shouldn’t automatically betray your own ideas and inspiration just because the professional says so. After all, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and your tastes may not agree with the latest design trends. At the end of the day, it’s your house, and it needs to be designed in a way that makes you happy. At Kitchen Solvers, we set out to provide a pleasant remodeling experience that works like a collaboration rather than a design dictatorship. Our design team works with you, empowering your ideas with quality information and access to exclusive products and materials. On the other hand, if you want somebody to make the decisions for you – maybe you’re punching-up a rental property or simply don’t have the patience to dive into a remodeling plan – we can do that too.

Kitchen Remodeling Mistake #2: Making color or material choices out of context.

It’s crucial that any color choices you make are finalized in the light where they’ll be featured. Choosing colors or materials in the store may be convenient in the moment, but it’s quite a gamble. 6-8 weeks later when your cabinets, countertops, or accent features arrive, you may be surprised at how different they look in your kitchen space. To avoid this mistake, we recommend taking the sample color or material home to see how everything looks in context. That’s why our kitchen remodeling business holds most consultation meetings on-site, with samples and high-quality pictures on-hand to make the entire process that much easier.

Kitchen Remodeling Mistake #3: Letting mistakes snowball.

One of the most common causes for blown kitchen remodeling budgets is snowballing mistakes. So what does this mean, exactly? Let’s suppose you’re guilty of Kitchen Remodeling Mistake #2 – you’ve chosen some cream cabinets in the department store, only to find they don’t match the clean lighting and palette you’ve used elsewhere in the kitchen. So you’ve made a mistake, but instead of angling for a return or cheap solution like cabinet refacing, you run out and buy a quartz countertop! Sure, it’s expensive, but the blues, whites, and creams must just be enough to tie the entire room together. So now you’re cabinets work, but you’ve blown your budget by thousands. But this snowball’s just getting started. You didn’t plan for a quartz countertop, and the installation takes way longer than expected. That means more labor expenses, and maybe some extra spending to repair any damages incurred during the unplanned install. Moreover, you’ve got to find a backsplash that works with these two mismatched components. Avoid these downward remodeling spirals whenever possible. Stop the moment you notice a mistake. Start asking questions – that’s what our design consultants are for. In the above scenario, a cheap cabinet refacing would have saved thousands in countertop material costs, and yielded a totally unique cabinet result custom-colored to fit your needs.

Kitchen Remodeling Mistake #4: Getting too trendy.

Incorporating the latest trends into your kitchen design can be a great way to create a contemporary feel, but you can’t go wrong with timeless classics. Trendy materials are usually in low supply and high demand, which means you’ll spend a lot on something that might not stand the test of time, at least aesthetically. Learn more from our kitchen remodeling business at https://www.kitchensolversfranchise.com.


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