Mythbusting The Best Handyman Franchise Fallacies Of 2019

The new year is a time for reflection, so it’s only fitting that we look back on some of the best handyman franchise fallacies we heard in 2019.

Myth #1 – You Need To Know How To Do Everything

People often assume that the best handyman franchises are owned by true “jack of all trades” types that handle everything around the house: plumbing, electrical, HVAC, door repairs, appliance repairs, countertops, cabinets, you name it!

But that’s completely untrue. Plenty of businesses do just fine offering limited services. Even the best handyman franchises don’t do everything. And while turning down odd jobs might feel like leaving money on the table, it’s usually better to leave work you’re uncomfortable doing to somebody else. The client will appreciate your honesty and you’ll avoid a bad review.

Instead of trying to do everything, focus on your specialties in the early goings. Once you’ve established yourself and begun to build a reputation in your community, you can start to think about branching into other services. If you do opt to expand your services, make sure they’re related so you can benefit from “complementary marketing” to bundle bigger sales. For example, if you already have countertop skills, you might want to learn how to work on cabinetry, since these two services are often needed at the same time. Take a closer look at Kitchen Solvers’ offerings to see more examples of smart service pairings. Just don’t spread yourself too thin too early!

Myth #2 – Small Jobs Aren’t Profitable

If you think all the best handyman franchises operate on a “big ticket or bust” model, you’re dead wrong. Big-ticket jobs are always great, but they’re a double-edged sword, requiring more work and bringing more stress than small jobs.

If you think small jobs aren’t profitable, you’re probably either charging too little for your work, or your service area is too big, which is making your drive time too long to make the job worthwhile. Consider decreasing the size of your service area or imposing a minimum charge in the future.

And remember: a small job well-done often leads to something bigger!

Myth #3 – Running A Handyman Franchise Means Swinging Hammers All Day

Think you need hammer-swinging skills to start a handyman franchise? Think again.

The best handyman franchise owners know how to get hands-on, but they also know how to delegate. Many of the top performers in this industry never touch a hammer–instead, they spend their days closing sales and coordinating service calls.

For these individuals, skills and experience in operations, business management, strategic planning, and project management are highly valued, but even these aren’t required.

The truth is that the best handyman franchises have very few prerequisites, because the training is just that good. So long as you have the right attitude and adequate money to invest, you can bring your business dream to life.

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