3 Ways to Grow Your Bath and Kitchen Remodeling Franchise

3 Ways to Grow Your Bath and Kitchen Remodeling Franchise

For years, Kitchen Solvers has tell spreading word about the impressive market demand for bath and kitchen remodeling franchises. In the consumer’s eye, investing in renovations for the kitchen or bathroom strikes the perfect balance, giving the home owner a refreshed space that is both visually and functionally updated, while also boosting the home’s equity. Kitchen Solvers franchisers can let go of any realty market stress, knowing that their services retain value in any real estate market climate.

Despite the popularity and steady state of business in the bath and kitchen remodeling industry, some Kitchen Solvers franchisees feel ready to take on more work. This is unsurprising for veteran Kitchen Solvers, who have become familiar with the fun, gratifying, and dynamic nature of their work as hands-on craftsmen and design consultants. Kitchen Solvers franchisees have the luxury of having a job that is addicting as it is profitable. If you find yourself in this position and want to drive more business to grow your bath and kitchen remodeling franchise, then read on for 3 easy marketing tips to help supplement the industry-leading Kitchen Solvers campaigns!

  1. Encourage online reviews and testimonials that speak to your expertise.

Kitchen Solvers franchises are renowned for their industry-leading training protocol. With over 30 years in business and 40,000 bathroom and kitchen remodels under their belt, it becomes obvious that Kitchen Solvers franchises know how to train their new employees to a very high standard. With a training time that exceeds most industry competitors’, Kitchen Solvers equips you with skills in business operations, business management, marketing and advertising, sales, and installation.

Though Kitchen Solvers insiders and customers know all about the high-level service they can expect from their high-level training, many in the general public have no idea! The best way to spread word about the kind of high-quality service that prospective customers can expect is for them to read testimonials from sincerely happy customers. Any company can hammer out a sales pitch, but only an industry-leader like Kitchen Solvers can instead point to archives full of testimonials full of satisfied customer stories.

You will undoubtedly connect with your customer over the course of their bath and kitchen remodel. Over this time, encourage them to leave a review online on popular review websites, or to simply be generous with word-of-mouth when people ask who was responsible for their stunning new renovation work.

  1. Create a community.

Most people hear community and think of a geographical space that is shared amongst physical community members, but the era of internet technology and the “global village” has expanded the word’s meaning. In this vein, community refers also to the online community, especially those found on social media. Kitchen Solvers bath and kitchen remodeling franchise owners should make a serious effort to spread word of their services on all social media platforms. Sharing interesting articles like this that relate to your business and capture readers’ attention are an excellent example of the kinds of things that should be shared in these channels to drive business. People also love to look at before and after pictures, and these are an excellent way of showing off your skills on the job!

  1. Seek local media coverage.

It may seem presumptuous to want to get your name and business onto local televisions stations and into newspapers when there is so much going on in the world. Dismiss these fears, though; people want to know what is happening in their local community, and news outlets are always interested in reporting economic and realty market conditions. You fit this niche, and appeal to news outlets seeking coverage in this industry. You would be surprised just how many people are interested in hearing about your business!


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