4 Smart Reasons to Seek Out a Cabinet Refacing Business for your Kitchen Remodel

4 Smart Reasons to Seek Out a Cabinet Refacing Business for your Kitchen Remodel


Having spent nearly four decades innovating solutions for any budget issues that their clients may face on their journey to a stunning new kitchen or bathroom renovation, Kitchen Solvers began to invest heavily in their cabinet refacing services. Very early on, Kitchen Solvers franchisees noted how cabinet refacing could transform a kitchen or bathroom space at a very affordable cost compared to a full cabinet replacing, and yet the results were nearly indistinguishable from those who opted to pay full price for brand-new cabinetry. If you have been dreaming of a kitchen remodel, but felt that you couldn’t quite afford the work, then cabinet refacing is the perfect solution for you. Price is not the only factor, though. Read on to learn 4 smart reasons to seek out Kitchen Solvers cabinet refacing business for your kitchen remodel.

The economical choice.

With thousands of successful remodels under their belts, Kitchen Solvers franchisees have found that home owners who opt for cabinet refacing can save substantially when compared to a complete major kitchen overhaul.  The reason for this radical drop in change is quite clear once you understand the cabinet refacing process. By reusing cabinet frames that are still in good condition, and simply replacing cabinet frontage and handles, you significantly cut back on material costs and installation time. Even if you have the money to spend on a full replacement, you may want to choose a cabinet refacing so that you can invest more of your budget in premium-quality cabinet doors and drawer material. Most people cannot tell the difference once the job is done, but nearly everyone can tell the difference between good and great material.

Get back to your routine faster.

Many people want to call a cabinet refacing business, but put off the remodel because they feel it will inconvenience them too much. This is an understandable concern, since many home owners have horror stories about supposedly simple renovations stretching into months living out of half-finished rooms, leaving them stepping over tool boxes and trash bags while trying to brew a morning coffee or cook dinner.  When you choose the Kitchen Solvers cabinet refacing business to handle your kitchen or bathroom remodel, you can rest easy knowing that your project will be handled with speed and efficiency. By reusing existing frames, the installation time is cut down significantly, letting you get on with your life faster than you expected.  Most cabinet refacing projects can be completed in as little as 4 to 6 days.

Minimize wastage and shrink your eco-footprint.

Kitchen Solvers franchisees value the importance of being environmentally responsible, and push their services as a cabinet refacing business largely because of its minimal environmental impact. Reusing existing frames means much less wastage. Why throw your cabinet frames into swollen landfills and burn up fossil fuel driving it there when you can cut your waste in half, save money, and enjoy stunning results?  Recycling your existing cabinets by re-using them while transforming your kitchen into a thing of beauty makes good environmental and financial sense.  Save trees, time, and money with Kitchen Solvers cabinet refacing.

Realize your wildest cabinet dreams!

The money and time saved with cabinet refacing will give you the resources you need to realize your wildest cabinet dreams. This means more money for a custom granite, quartz or laminate countertop, or more money to invest in decorative moldings or Storage Solutions kitchen accessories.   Most importantly, this means more money to green-light the kitchen remodeling project you have been staring at with hungry eyes for years now, but thought was out of reach! The bottom-line is that Kitchen Solvers’ cabinet refacing business empowers home owners, maximizing their budgetary resources so that they can chase their dreams and lock them in a dream house!

If you would like to learn more about Kitchen Solvers’ proven cabinet refacing process, visit https://www.kitchensolvers.com today to read up or book your free quote!


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