Why Franchise? Exploring Kitchen Solver’s Brand Name Benefits

Kitchen Solvers Franchise Benefits

Franchising is one of the best and safest ways to break into the kitchen and bathroom remodeling market. And while there are many brands to choose from, none are quite like the Kitchen Solver’s family.

Read on to learn 6 benefits of partnering with our brand and see if franchise ownership is right for you! 

  • A proven track record and trusted reputation. When you partner with the Kitchen Solver’s brand, you get all the benefits of the exemplary reputation we’ve built with over 35 years of integrity and excellence. Having been responsible for thousands of successful kitchen remodels and happy customers in our history, we’ve earned nationwide references that vouch for the quality and commitment of our brand family. That means more business for your brand from day-one so you can generate a return on your investment quickly, while other companies and self-starters struggle to get any local traction.
  • Top-tier training to bring out the best in you. Our training program is comprehensive and high-quality, informed by over three decades of premium kitchen remodeling and custom service. We will increase your existing knowledge and fill any gaps in your current skillset. And if you have any questions or issues along the way, members of our franchise family are always standing by to help!
  • Supporting your personal and professional goals. Kitchen Solver’s is unique in that our business system starts with the Franchise Vision Plan (FVP). The FVP is designed to help new franchisees identify personal and professional goals, establish small-scale plans of action, and hold you accountable to your dreams with one, five, and ten-year checkpoints. In other words, our brand is not only interested in sustaining its growth – we’re invested in supporting yours. Specifically, we support your personal and professional goals with the Kitchen Solver’s Business System (KSBS), which monitors key performance indicators, assists you with lead generation, and gives you a “big picture” target to aim for by way of a Breakeven Analysis.
  • Multi-level investment options. If you’re ready to get involved on the front lines of the kitchen remodeling industry, a single unit franchise is a safe and effective way to penetrate a new market. However, if you’re looking to take more on, we offer a multi-unit package comprising a small region or even an entire state.
  • Exclusive rights to custom territories. Our franchise family is built for high performance and active sales acquisition, but our territory system is designed in a way that ensures that no two franchises ever compete for the same business. We generally keep territories within a 60-mile circumference, but ultimately, our territory guidelines flex to fit the individual. We work with you directly, welcoming your knowledge of local areas and demographics to decide on a territory that’s fit to support your business goals.
  • No marketing experience? No problem. Marketing is a big part of any business’s success, and also one of the most common sticking points for new owners. That’s why we offer a state-of-the-art marketing platform that puts all the tools you need for local and national advertising at your fingertips. Whether you need help with pay-per-click ads, branding, email marketing, online search optimization, social media campaigning, reputation management, or building your website, we’ve got you covered!

You can learn more about the benefits of partnering with our franchise family at https://www.kitchensolvers.com.


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  • 40%

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  • 21

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