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Helping Remodelers Win Refacing Kitchen Cabinet Business Online

One of the most cost-effective ways to find customers is to make it easy for customers to find you! The fact is, running your own business — whether it’s a franchise that does kitchen cabinet refacing or a burger joint — demands time and attention, and it can be hard to keep up with the blistering pace of technological change online. To be frank, some people who have excellent knowledge and customer service skills are either too busy or too intimidated to devote time to building a robust online presence. That’s why Kitchen Solvers devotes a full-time member of our team to the task of helping franchisees boost their online marketing — both through the creation and management of web pages and online profiles, as well as customer outreach through email marketing.

Helping customers finding your Kitchen Cabinet Franchise online

Houzz-app-1Kitchen Solvers provides a landing page at for each of our franchisees, but that’s not the only way people search for businesses online. They also look for places with a listing on Yahoo!, on Google Places, on Angie’s List, on Houzz, on Mapquest … it’s a long list, and Joanne DuCharme, business development assistant for Kitchen Solvers, helps ensure that franchisees have a presence on as many sites as possible, baiting a lot of hooks for people fishing for a great kitchen remodeler.

She ensures that the sites have the correct address and contact information and optimizes them for terms like “kitchen remodeling” and “cabinet refacing” so that they pop up when people search online.

Helping franchisees get more business

Having high visibility is great, but successful kitchen remodelers also know that outreach is the key to closing deals, and Joanne helps with that, too, in several ways:

Kitchen Cabinet Franchise• Prospecting: She builds lists of people who are likely to be receptive to the skills that Kitchen Solvers franchisees can offer and provides contact information to franchisees. Kitchen Solvers HQ regularly coaches franchisees on the best ways to reach out to potential new customers such as real estate agents, assisted living facilities, apartment owners and interior designers — and those efforts pay off.

• Email marketing: We encourage franchisees to gather email addresses from customers and pass them along to Joanne. She writes and distributes an attractive, professional email detailing kitchen remodeling trends for customers, providing customer testimonials and including links to the Kitchen Solvers’ website. Customers typically do a lot of research before remodeling a kitchen, and the emails help make Kitchen Solvers an integral part of that process, building trust and winning sales.

• Surveys and testimonials: Joanne also sends out surveys to customers. It’s a short questionnaire, but it serves a dual purpose — giving franchisees a way to keep track of customer satisfaction while also providing testimonials for franchisee web sites. More than 50 percent of customers respond!

“I love it,” she says of the job. “I love working with people, all different kinds of people, and these franchisees are all different. I enjoy getting to know them on the phone and chit-chatting a bit. They’re great people.”

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