What Are The Hottest Trends In Kitchen Design?

What Are The Hottest Trends In Kitchen Design?

If you’re considering buying a kitchen design franchise, it’s important to know what customers want these days, so what are the hottest kitchen design trends?

A Good Kitchen Design Franchise Can Give Customers Their Dream Kitchen Without Too Much Fuss.

Redecorating is fun and interesting. Renovation? While you might like the end product, the process is often messy and lengthy. And, more often than not, expensive. So how can homeowners reinvigorate their love for their homes without embarking on a months-long, disruptive, and costly renovation? Cabinetry is one answer.

Kitchens and bathrooms can be completely revitalized with comparatively little work. A remodel is still a lot of work, of course, but compared to knocking down bedroom walls or taking up all the floorboards in the dining room, cabinetry-based remodels are quicker and less disruptive. But what kinds of designs are customers looking for design franchises to install?

Hot Kitchen Design Trends

Everybody has their own tastes so no two homes will ever be the same. Every great remodel should be customized to the tastes of the individual client. Having said that, we’ve definitely seen some prominent design trends lately. Here are some of the most popular kitchen design trends right now:

1.     Dark Cabinet Colors
White has long been the go-to color for kitchen and bathroom cabinets. But we’ve started to see a turn away from this. More homeowners are embracing color, especially dark colors. In kitchens otherwise dominated by white, islands of paint or wood stain colors can really pop. The mixing of finishes can create a wonderful accent piece. Shades of blue and green are especially popular, as are black, navy, emerald, and plum.

2.     Wood Tones
Instead of mixing things up with color, other people like to play with different textures. Wood tones, such as light oak, are very popular right now and can give kitchens a homey, but still refined look.

3.     Less Hardware
For a sleeker, less cluttered design, many customers want to minimize the amount of hardware they see on their kitchen cabinetry. Flat panel cabinet doors are very in right now.

4.     Effective Storage
Trends aren’t always just about aesthetics. Sometimes they reflect practical demands. Cabinetry that offers storage solutions that are an improvement on more traditional cabinet and shelving systems are very popular right now.

Kitchen Solvers Offers Hot Kitchen Design Franchise Opportunities.

At Kitchen Solvers, we are always looking for qualified candidates to become one of our new franchise partners. You can see some of the great kitchen design work we do here. Even if you don’t consider yourself a kitchen designer, Kitchen Solvers has corporate kitchen designers to utilize so that you know the end product will look amazing! If you have any questions or would like to begin the process of becoming a franchise partner, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.


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