Top 5 Remodeling Dos And Don’ts From A House Renovation Franchise

Binge-watching remodeling disasters on HGTV is a lot of fun, but nobody wants to star in an episode of their own! Today’s post shares the top-5 dos and don’ts from a house renovation franchise.

Do Invest In Quality Fixtures And Appliances

While quality countertops, floors, lights, and cabinets are essential for creating a strong visual impact with your kitchen or bathroom remodel, fixtures and appliances are the upgrades you’ll really feel on a day-to-day basis.

Consider them an investment rather than an expense, because proper fixtures and appliances will pay for themselves in energy savings over time. If your budget is already stretched thin, inquire about some money-saving options that might fit into your house renovation plan–cabinet refacing is a great starting point!

Whatever you choose, make sure to do your research. Learn about the manufacturers, read reviews, understand your warranty, and ask the house renovation franchise you’re working with for their opinion.

Don’t DIY When In Doubt

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with a little DIY, but it’s important that you pick your battles. Changing the lighting, exploring different storage solutions, and replacing cabinet hinges is all perfectly doable for most people. With these jobs, mistakes aren’t set in stone, nor are they particularly noticeable. But should you really be tiling your own backsplash, laying your own hardwood floors, and installing new cabinets on your own?

The desire to save money on professional labor is always tough to resist, but stay strong! When it comes to tampering with the bones of your home, and handling house renovations with major ROI potential, it’s best left to the pros. Buyers will be able to spot amateur work on your home, and what may be a point of pride for you can easily become a costly point of contention for them.

Do Consider Your Return On Investment (ROI)

If you’re planning to sell your home, spend your money where it counts. New cabinets, flooring, backsplashes, and countertops go a long way to impress buyers (and drive up that closing sale price). If a big ROI is your goal, don’t waste your money on a fresh coat of paint or lighting, as these things are often replaced by buyers once they move in. Tying into the previous point, these low stakes jobs are best saved for DIY work so you have more to invest in what counts.

Don’t Get Railroaded By “innovative” Trends

Some buyers make the mistake of leaning exclusively on high-end design magazines and websites for their house renovation inspiration. While these resources can be helpful, they don’t give a great sense of what’s standard or what’s enduring. Many of these fickle trends will be long-forgotten and considered in poor taste by the time you’ve even finished your house renovation.

If you want to be a little daring with your design, that’s fine. But don’t forget the tried and true classics that drive profitable sales year after year.

Do Consult With A House Renovation Franchise

Even if you don’t intend to hire them on for the job, it’s usually a good idea to book a free consultation with a quality house renovation franchise near you. These free consultations give you the opportunity to field whatever questions you may have and pick the brains of qualified design experts.

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