Five Renovations to Improve a Home’s Value


Have you ever wondered how much your house worth? Many projects add value to your home, but some don’t. Here are five guaranteed improvements you can have done in a home that will increase its value. Even if you aren’t selling, these top five renovations that will increase value, as well as catch a new homeowner’s eye.



The first step is to remove any out-dated or broken features. You can add some crown moulding or re-grout tiles in the shower. If you are feeling creative you can even use paint or wallpaper to add texture to the room (you will need special wallpaper or glue for bathrooms. This is why many people avoid wallpaper in bathrooms.)  Find the right mirror for the space and have new lights put in. Adding a second bathroom greatly increases the value even more.



This is the most important renovation in your home. The kitchen is the heart of the home. This room is the most visited and used place in the home and needs to fit the feel and style of the rest of the house.  The top renovation here is to improve layout and space. When renovating the kitchen, change the layout to be useful and functional. Make use of the space. If the layout is great, take a look at the cabinets. Are they in need of a fresh look? Refacing cabinets are an affordable way to update, refresh and improve already existing cabinets. It saves you a lot of time, effort and renovating mess. It’s a great way to give your kitchen a new look.



Here is another important improvement. Appraisers take plumbing very seriously when developing a home’s value. Old, rusty pipes need to be replaced with new up-to-date ones so you eliminate the chance of ingesting any metal. Today, re-piping a home crates less mess and takes less time than it use to. Homeowner’s and those searching for a new house today are interested in a house’s internal functions, as well as looks.


Add A Deck

It doesn’t really matter about size of the deck, as long as it suits the house and increases outdoor living space. If your house already has a deck, look it over and see if any repairs need to be made, it may be easier to rebuild the deck. Keep in mind; if you are thinking about trying to do this job on your own, it is a difficult job requiring specialized tools. You may want to save time and effort by hiring a professional. Many homeowners get 60% to 90% of the cost recouped by building a deck on their house.


Energy Efficient Windows

Get rid of those drafty, single-paned windows of years-gone -by. New windows can save you money every year. In a way, they “pay for themselves.”  You will save money in your heating and cooling bills. This is a great way to become an energy-efficient household. You might even qualify for tax credits on your utility bills.


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