Starting a Remodeling Business in 2018: 7 Franchise Facts That Might Surprise You

Starting a Remodeling Business in 2018: 7 Franchise Facts That Might Surprise You

Thinking about starting a remodeling business in 2018?

Today’s post is a no-nonsense, 7-point breakdown that spotlights the value of our opportunity, with plenty of helpful and informative links sprinkle in along the way.

1- Job satisfaction is high in the kitchen remodeling business.

For some people, the thought of starting a remodeling business conjures up images of long, grueling days spent hammering together cabinets, lugging granite countertops, or installing flooring on hands and knees.

But that’s just not the reality.

At Kitchen Solvers, our sales, design, and installation processes are as enjoyable as they are efficient.

We are a home-based business with low labor and a flexible work schedule. And there’s nothing better than making a new client’s day, every day!

Moreover, since you’re the owner, you get to decide where you spend your time, as well as which jobs are delegated to other staff. Maybe you love the creative fulfillment that comes from finishing a sleek interior design plan; or maybe you’re more of a hands-on worker with a passion for carpentry. Whatever the case may be, starting a remodeling business with Kitchen Solvers gives you the flexibility to follow your heart, without compromising your business’s competitive advantages.

2- Starting a remodeling business is surprisingly affordable.

For future single unit franchise owners, starting a remodeling business is probably cheaper than you think. Typical start-up costs are as low as $60,000.

And don’t mistake that low investment for a quality cut, either. Support services are robust; the savings come from the fact that we’re home-based, with a low equipment package, and no inventory.

Find more investment details here:

3- Franchises are inherently popular with consumers.

Though independent companies have enjoyed an uptick in the Internet Era, most consumers still prefer established brand names they know they can trust.

4- There is no such thing as inter-franchise competition.

Our territory system guarantees exclusive market rights for franchisees, and offers first right of refusal for adjoining territories as well. We do not cannibalize our sales!

5- Kitchen Solvers has investment options for all levels.

Our multi-unit franchise system opportunity offers enterprise-level investors flexible schedules, individualized royalty schedules, and secured territories for future development. Read more about our features and benefits here.

6- The demand for kitchen remodeling services is surging.

A recent Metro study report estimates that $171.1-billion will be spent on kitchen remodeling projects alone this year. This is the highest valuation we’ve seen since America’s 2004 peak numbers.

Moreover, Millennial homeowners are finally coming into their own, which brings with it a surge of new demand.

Without a doubt, market conditions support starting a remodeling business in 2018.

7- Starting a remodeling business is not “skill-prohibitive.”

Our training program has never failed a new franchisee, and some of our greatest success stories involve people who came to us without any experience in carpentry or sales. If you stumble at any point, our robust support services are standing by, whether you need a vital piece of information or on-site coaching during an installation.

Learn more about the Kitchen Solvers franchise and whether or not starting a remodeling business with us is right for you at


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