Starting a Kitchen Remodeling Franchise: Top-5 Misconceptions

Starting a Kitchen Remodeling Franchise

Today’s post sets the story straight on starting a kitchen remodeling franchise. Read on for a review of 5 common myths and find out if this business is really right for you.

1-Bigger is always better.

Bigger kitchen remodeling companies are not necessarily more profitable than small businesses. While it’s true that larger companies have the manpower and resources to take on more work than their smaller counterparts, they also have significantly more overhead and liabilities. Moreover, some customers prefer working with smaller companies, who have more face-time with customers, as well as direct lines of communication. All things considered, it’s quite common to see small kitchen remodeling companies outperform their super-staffed competition in terms of gross profit, and that’s saying nothing of the headaches they avoid running a leaner operation.

Though we do offer larger, multi-unit investment options, Kitchen Solver’s single unit franchise opportunity is a perfect example of how bigger isn’t always better. Our business model is home-based, with no brick and mortar headaches, and a low equipment package; we are completely cash-based, with no receivables and no inventory; and, best of all, there’s no need for a massive staff roster. Refined for over 30 years, this business model allows entrepreneurs to set up a lean, flexible, and high-quality company so they can get a piece of the $75-billion kitchen and bath remodeling industry.

2- Success means late nights, grueling work weeks, and heavy labor.

Most people think starting a kitchen remodeling business franchise means swinging hammers for 16 hours a day, but that’s simply not the case.

Like anything else worth pursuing, starting a kitchen remodeling franchise with Kitchen Solver’s takes discipline and dedication, but it’s nothing like what most people imagine. While we appreciate the value of hard work as much as anyone, the key to profitability and work/life balance is working smart.Over 30 years, Kitchen Solvers refined its sales process and daily operations, creating a system that generates impression ROIs with no late nights, flexible work schedules, and low labor.

3- The market is hostile to newcomers.

Unsurprisingly, the $75-billion kitchen and bath remodeling industry has attracted a lot of entrepreneurs, which has led some to believe that there’s no room in the market for new entrants. Getting a brand-new business off the ground takes time in this industry like any other, as you need to earn a reputation before people will trust you with “the heart of the home.”

While it’s true that unsupported business start-ups face challenging conditions early on in this trust-based, word-of-mouth industry, the same cannot be said about starting a kitchen remodeling franchise with Kitchen Solver’s. In addition to unmatched training programs and ongoing coaching and assistance, your new remodeling business is support by Kitchen Solver’s trusted brand name, which has been earned over 30 years. Starting a kitchen remodeling franchise with us gets you the trust of 1000’s of references nationwide on your first day in business, so you can start making your mark in this thriving industry and make back your investment fast.

4- Opening a remodeling business is expensive.

This simply isn’t true. Starting a kitchen remodeling franchise can be done for as little as $60,000. View the full start-up costs here.

5- Construction or carpentry experience is needed.

If you’re opening a business on your own, this is probably true. But starting a kitchen remodeling franchise with Kitchen Solver’s is within reach of anyone with the right attitude. Our training program has helped franchisees from all sorts of sales, marketing, and blue collar backgrounds become successful remodeling company owners, and our proven system eliminates the guesswork.

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