Starting a Kitchen and Bathroom Business: Beginner’s Questions Broken Down

Starting a Kitchen and Bathroom Business

We are flooded with beginner questions about starting a kitchen and bathroom business, so it made sense to compile a FAQ. Today’s post shares important information and valuable resources to help answer any questions you may have about starting a kitchen and bathroom business with our franchise family.

Let’s begin!

Kitchen & Bathroom Remodeling Business Ownership Questions

  • How much money will I make? Obviously, the amount of money you make starting a kitchen and bathroom business depends on a variety of factors unique to you. And we cannot disclose the financial information of existing franchisees. But we give you some great projections. You can get specific information about our revenue in the Franchise Disclosure Document – just call 1-866-604-0002 to book a consultation.
  • What does it cost to get started? Again, exact start-up costs vary depending on your location and goals. But we generally tell newcomers that they need $64,080 to $85,060 to get started. Bear in mind that this includes the initial franchise fee; the complete cost of training, supplies, advertising, attorney’s fees, and insurance; and $25,000 of additional funds to work with over a 3-month period. You can find an itemized breakdown of what starting a kitchen and bathroom business with Kitchen Solvers costs here.
  • Are opportunities available in my area? Starting a kitchen and bathroom business is viable almost anywhere in the United States. Census reports indicate that more than 125-million home are currently occupied across the country, and there’s incentive to remodel whether the owners plan to settle in or sell. Our opportunity is resilient, highly profitable, and available in multiple territories. Call 1-866-604-0002 to learn what’s available in your immediate area.
  • Why choose Kitchen Solvers? Kitchen Solvers has more than 30 years of experience, a thriving franchise network, and unparalleled training and support. We are a nationally trusted brand whose hard-earned name will generate business for you early and often. Our Platinum sales process, proven systems, and innovative marketing strategies give our franchisees the edge over the competition. And we have been recognized by the Franchise Business Review and national media outlets as a leading kitchen and bathroom remodeling company. You can read about the entirety of the Kitchen Solvers Advantage here.
  • What can I make? Starting a kitchen and bathroom business with Kitchen Solver’s gets you access to the training, equipment, and support needed to purchase, customize, and install cabinets, counter tops, floors, backsplashes, cabinetry, and more. Check our website for a full catalogue and know that everything you see there is within your reach!
  • Do I need carpentry experience? No! We provide training in everything you need to realize your dream of starting a kitchen and bathroom business. Some of our most successful franchisees entered into the system with no prior experience in trades, sales, or staff management.
  • What makes a good franchisee? Though previous sales, remodeling, or staff management experience is an asset, the most important things you can bring to the table are attitude and effort. We look for coachable, hard-working, and honest individuals with the passion and funding needed to excel. We can give you all the skills you need, and even assist you with funding, but a bad attitude makes you a lost cause.
  • How do I learn more about Kitchen Solvers? If you’re still interested in starting a kitchen and bathroom remodeling business with us, visit our website or call 1-866-604-0002. We can provide additional information over the phone, send you a free franchise report, or book a consultation at your convenience.

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