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Profit in Kitchen Cabinetry Franchise Business

Kitchen Solvers Franchise FDD Measurement: Financial Performance Representations

Profit in Kitchen Cabinetry Franchise Business

How much do you want to make in Kitchen Solvers Franchise?

If you are considering opening a Kitchen Solvers franchise, below is a table representing averages for services for our franchisees:

** Not representative of entire Item 19, please reach out to a representative for full Item 19.

Item 19 Graph 2019 FDDNotes:

1. For purposes of Materials Expense and Installation Expense, a franchisee is considered to have met or exceeded the average if they experienced total expense amounts equal to or less than the related averages identified in the tables above.

2. These percentages are presented to allow you to factor the material expenses, installation and gross profit as a percentage of the average total Gross Sales.

3. Two Reporting Franchisees operated their franchised businesses under an owner-operator model. As a result, these franchisees paid minimal labor expenses and did not record any labor expenses for their own time spent completing jobs.

4. “Gross Profit” is Gross Sales less Materials Expenses and Installation Expense.

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