Kitchen Solvers Franchising: A System That Stands Out

Kitchen Solvers Franchising: A System That Stands Out Today’s post touches on several factors that distinguish our franchise system from other brands. Read on to learn 4 reasons Kitchen Solvers franchising stands out:

  • High visibility success stories. In 35+ years of business, Kitchen Solvers has built a reputation for quality remodeling and franchising that’s tough to beat. We’ve transformed more than 45,000 kitchens across the country, and helped dozens of entrepreneurs realize their dreams of owning a successful remodeling company.With more than 35 years of word-of-mouth, reviews on third-party sites, and stunning post-remodeling project photos, our success stories have become prominent and proud parts of our company history. And it’s these high-visibility success stories that help us stand out next to other opportunities. This brand reputation helps everyone win: our franchisors attract more vendors, our franchisees find quality opportunities, and homeowners get quality results and a pleasant remodeling experience.But don’t take our word for it. Visit the Kitchen Solver’s website to read franchise owner testimonials and get a feel for what Kitchen Solvers franchising is really like. Alternately, you can Google our brand name to browse some of the glowing reviews you’ll find on third-party sites.
  • Top-to-bottom training programs. Another distinguishing feature of the Kitchen Solvers opportunity is our comprehensive training program, which is designed to help franchisees succeed regardless of their carpentry skills or experience level. Our training program covers business planning, back-office operations, marketing, sales, vendor/product management, installation, and more. We take an individualized approach to training so that every franchisee gets exactly what they need to succeed without wasting a single second. Many first-time enquirers are surprised to learn that many of our most successful franchisees entered into our franchise system with no relevant remodeling skills or experience–they trusted our top-to-bottom training program, and it paid off!
  • Ongoing support. While most franchise systems will support you through the pre-opening phase, plenty of franchisors will wash their hands of you once the doors are open for business. In their minds, they’ve already collected their franchise fee and completed their minimum contract requirements, so why bother offering anything extra?Kitchen Solvers franchising is different. We see ongoing support as an essential, not an extra. Our franchisees can pick up the phone anytime to consult with qualified home office installation specialists, corporate support staff, marketing experts, or fellow franchisees. We are truly an extension to our franchisees’ teams.
  • Kitchen Solvers franchising builds one-stop-shops. One of the ways we guarantee a pleasant remodeling experience for our clients is by offering everything they need for a stunning bathroom or kitchen remodel in-house. Our franchisees are trained and equipped to provide flooring, countertops, bathroom fixtures, cabinetry, backsplashes, storage solutions, and anything else the client needs to complete the project. In this way, we save time and money on projects, minimizing the amount of contractor coordination and commuting, while also helping franchisees maximize their revenue via additional income streams.One-stop-shops are great for business, but they present quite a challenge for franchisors. After all, it takes more training time, resources, and extensive vendor networks, to offer an all-in-one business model that can be recreated across the country. But that’s exactly what we offer.

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