Invest In A Home Maintenance Franchise And Build A Lucrative Business From Home

Invest In A Home Maintenance Franchise And Build A Lucrative Business From Home

If you want to own a lucrative business—and you want to work out of your own home—then you should consider investing in a home maintenance franchise.

Why Should You Be Your Own Boss?

The truth is, not everybody wants to be the boss of a business and not everybody is suited for such a role. Many people have lucrative careers as employees. But if you’re already on this blog, you probably know that’s not the right path for you. As your own boss, you get to reap the benefits of your hard work. All the benefits. If you work hard and your business profits, you profit. You don’t have to ask for a raise or hope for a bonus. Furthermore, you can set your own schedule and your own way of doing things.

Why Should You Invest In A Home Maintenance Franchise?

Home maintenance is a big business. From plumbing, to carpentry, to installing and refacing cabinets, to replacing floorboards, to HVAC repair and maintenance, to any number of other services, homes need a lot of maintenance and improvement. And home maintenance and improvement are  relatively recession-proof industries.

If people don’t have enough money to buy a new home, or high interest rates are scaring them off, they might choose to remodel or improve their current home. And with housing prices so high right now, demand for home improvement franchises is strong.

Why Should You Invest In A Home Maintenance Franchise?

People don’t always like trusting their home maintenance to a complete stranger. As the owner of a completely independent business, you might find it difficult to reach new customers. But with the established brand name of a franchised business, you’ll be more recognizable. A franchisor can also connect you with important people and businesses in the home maintenance sector.

Just How Lucrative Is A Home Maintenance Business?

Operating your business out of your own home cuts down on overhead costs. You don’t need to pay to maintain a showroom or commercial office. You can also keep the cost down with your employees. You can be a very effective home improvement business with just a small staff. And home maintenance jobs can be pretty profitable.

Take Kitchen Solvers as an example. Our franchise partners specialize in kitchen and bathroom remodels. The average ticket of the top third of our franchisees is $36,458. The average gross profit on such a job is a whopping 40%. The average gross sales of our top third is $1,728,858.

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