How To Run A Successful Cabinet Refacing Business

How To Run A Successful Cabinet Refacing Business


A cabinet refacing business is a good type of business to own. You can have a reasonable expectation of steady demand and you can grow your business at a steady rate. But only if you manage your cabinet refacing business well.

Successful Businesses Require Investment.

A showroom can be a great asset to a cabinet refacing business. You can show off the work you do and the products you use to demonstrate to people what their dream kitchen could look like. But showrooms are not a requirement to run a cabinet refacing business. In fact,  can save tremendously on overhead costs if  you operate your cabinet refacing business out of your home. Many people, especially in the midst of the pandemic, prefer to stay home and have samples shown to them at their home. You also don’t need a large staff. Just you and one or two employees can get the job done. All of this is to say, comparative to other types of businesses you could own, cabinet refacing businesses are affordable.

Cabinet refacing businesses are relatively low-cost businesses, but they are certainly not no-cost. Like any business in any industry, a successful cabinet refacing business requires proper investment. This is particularly evident in the products you use as part of your job. If you can’t offer to install a wide range of cabinets and options made by the best manufacturers and designers, you’re going to have limited demand from clients. If you can only make kitchens look one kind of way, you will only attract one kind of client. The quality and range of products you use are key.

It Sounds Obvious, But Good Customer Service Is Paramount.

Good customer service goes well beyond a warm smile and a polite manner, though those are both important. If you run a cabinet refacing business, you’re going to be in people’s homes, so you had better treat them as well as you do your own. Apart from cleanliness, communication is key. Make sure the clients know how long you expect a job to take and where you are in the process and ask them if they’re happy with how it’s going.

A Successful Cabinet Refacing Business Has A Successful Franchisor.

Running a completely independent cabinet refacing business is an uphill battle. You can do everything right and still fail. It’s hard to get your name out there without a recognizable brand or a proper marketing budget, so how will you get new clients? Furthermore, it’s hard to make connections to ensure you have access to the best cabinets and cabinet products. A good, experienced franchisor can give you all these benefits and more.

Kitchen Solvers Franchise

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