How to Change a 60’s Kitchen into a Modern Haven


So you’ve decided to tackle your kitchen that hasn’t been touched for several decades. Are you looking for some guidance so you can move it from the 60s into a modern haven? It may be easier than you think, let’s take a quick look at some ideas to help you on your way.


Take down any panelling and get rid of any out-dated wallpaper.  Use paint to create a new, modern look. Neutral colors, or more subdued colors, never go out of style. This doesn’t mean paint everything white, it just means you may want to refrain from anything hot neon pink.  Other colors that go well in kitchens are variations of grey, navy and green.

Since it is actually part of the wall, add a backsplash to your kitchen. This simple touch updates the area, as you can choose the pattern and type of backsplash.


Relieve the floor of any carpet. Carpet does not belong in a kitchen. You can choose to revive wood floors or replace the floor by adding tile or hardwood. Laminate is also a popular choice.


Find yourself some good, high-tech, energy-efficient appliances. You will be helping the environment and saving money in the long run. If your appliances have been in that kitchen since the 1960s, it is time for them to move on. Some old appliances can contain harmful chemicals. Find some appliances that match your vision for the kitchen, while being eco-friendly.

Although it isn’t really an appliance, a sink is another necessity in the kitchen. Have a good, healthy sized sink. You will want one that will hold dishes and be easy enough to prepare dinner.


Here is an easy way to update the look of your kitchen. You can improve your lighting and layout of the kitchen by adding or fixing windows for natural light. Mirrors can be used to reflect light or make the space look bigger.


Refresh the cabinets by getting them professionally refaced, drawers and hardware included. It saves time and a whole lot of energy.  It gives a whole new look to your kitchen. You can replace shelves with updated ones, or with more cabinets. Remember to use space-saving techniques.


Remove the old, faded counters, especially if they are damaged. Tile countertops aren’t exactly in, but they aren’t the same as they were years ago. They can be used for texture, but seek help choosing the right ones for your kitchen. Laminate countertops were also the rage back in the 1960s, and they seem to be coming back because of their benefits (moisture-resistant, durable and affordable.) Now, however, go for the earthy tones or something that looks like stone.

Types of stone countertops are in fashion and last for a long time. Granite and similar stone creates a very upscale look.

As always, it is recommended to contact a professional company to help with serious renovations. A professional job saves time, energy and looks great when the job is finished.


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