How Does your Kitchen Remodeling Business Opportunity Stack Up?

How Does your Kitchen Remodeling Business Opportunity Stack Up?

Today’s post breaks down the value of our kitchen remodeling business opportunity. Read on to learn why our system gives entrepreneurs the edge over self-starters and see how your current opportunity stacks up.

Breaking down the Kitchen Solvers kitchen remodeling business opportunity

Kitchen Solvers has nearly four decades of kitchen and bathroom remodeling experience. We started as a home-based business in 1982 and have been growing ever since. In that time, we’ve delivered thousands of successful remodels, polished our proven system, and shared our kitchen remodeling business opportunity with dozens of now-successful entrepreneurs just like you.

In fact, we were among a handful of companies to pioneer the practice of kitchen cabinet refacing back in the early 1980s as a way to simultaneously give homeowners greater flexibility on a budget, and open up additional revenue streams for franchisees.

How does our experience benefit you?

  • A training and support system that cannot be beat. There is an enduring myth that only former carpenters can take advantage of our kitchen remodeling business And that might be the case for self-starters and other franchise systems. But our training and support channels are so effective that even day-one beginners can get brought up to speed during the pre-opening phase.In our 35+ years of operation, we have built a robust system informed by industry best practices, front-line experience, and constant feedback from our franchisees. We assist you with everything from abstract, long-term planning, to concrete trade skills and sales closing techniques.
  • A worldwide reputation that drives business and builds leads. The Kitchen Solvers brand name is globally recognized as a leader in kitchen and bathroom remodeling. A quick Google search for reviews and ratings from clients and former franchisees alike will tell you all you need to know about the massive reputational advantage our franchisees enjoy from day-one.
  • Substantial and exclusive discounts on all materials. After almost 40 years of experience in this industry, we’ve built meaningful relationships with material suppliers and vendors in order to save our franchisees money. Now, when you take advantage of our kitchen remodeling business opportunity, you get full access to our exclusive discounts, which is essentially putting money in your pocket that can be funneled into other aspects of your business.
  • Robust marketing and advertising systems. Our kitchen remodeling business opportunity is supported by a multitude of marketing and advertising support services. In addition to our standard international branding campaigns, we custom-build individualized marketing plans that take advantage of local advertising assets.
  • International business experience. Though we are not currently looking to expand beyond the US, we opened our first international franchise in 1999, giving us valuable global perspective and connections we use to support our national franchisees every day.
  • Transparent and predictable start-up costs. Most self-starters dive into their new business with no real idea of how much it’s going to cost them or how long it’ll take to turn a profit. This leads to a lot of stress and uncertainty that can affect your personal and professional well-being. In contrast, when you pursue a kitchen remodeling business opportunity under the Kitchen Solvers’ banner, you get an itemized breakdown of expected start-up costs. This makes for better financial planning and peace of mind compared to the competition.

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