Can I Run a Home Improvement Business? Top-7 Essential Character Traits

Can I Run a Home Improvement Business? Top-7 Essential Character Traits Most studies discussing business success focus on financial factors–like how much money you’ll spend on a choice location, or how much you can pour into your business’s marketing to get an edge over the competition. But new research is pushing past the idea that spending big money is the only way to make it. And while the literature acknowledges that there is “no widely accepted definition or formula for economic success,” studies have shown certain character traits are predictors for small business owner’s prosperity and job satisfaction (Owen et al., 2013, p. 73-74). Overall, 14 traits were correlated with business success. We spotlight the top-7 that apply to home improvement business success:

  • Competitiveness

    . The home improvement business is thriving, yet highly competitive. And with new research by the Joint Center for Housing Studies indicating that remodeling spending with continue to increase across 50 major U.S. metros throughout 2018, new competition is cropping up every week. Accordingly, home improvement business owners who regularly measure themselves against the competition and seek to improve their performance may be more likely to achieve business success (Owens et al., 2013, p. 76).

  • Coachability/Adaptability.

    Hard-headed franchisees need not apply! This business model is reserved for those who are coachable and willing to follow our system. Of course, our system leaves a fair amount of room for autonomy–but at the end of the day, you’re running a Kitchen Solvers home improvement business.

  • Work Drive.

    Work drive was found to be highly associated with business performance. And this doesn’t only apply to your on-the-job work ethic, but also to the drive you bring with you to our start-up and ongoing training sessions, where we share trade secrets and show you how our business model works.

  • Dependability.

    Dependability is a facet of the Big Five personality trait “Conscientiousness,” which is associated with business success, and also crucial for positive customer relations. At Kitchen Solvers, clients depend on us to deliver a Pleasant Remodeling Experience. We’ve earned that reputation over 30+ years of dependability, and we expect this same character in all our franchisees.

  • Emotional Resilience.

    Home improvement business owners may face high levels of stress due to work demands and the general burden of leadership. Therefore, it only makes sense that people who are emotionally resilient are more likely to succeed. A number of studies have tracked the link between emotional stability and business performance, specifically with franchise business owners (Owens et al., 2013, p. 78-79). Admittedly, Kitchen Solvers franchisees overwhelmingly report high levels of job satisfaction–and benefit from round-the-clock support whenever they are feeling low–but emotional resilience is still important for dealing with finicky customers and ruthless competitors.

  • Goal-Setting.

    Research shows that “high-achieving individuals typically demonstrate an ability to set challenging, yet attainable goals,” and several others studies have found a link between goals and small-to-medium venture performance (Owens et al., 2013, p. 76). If you have the drive to set and chase your goals, consider partnering with Kitchen Solvers. Our Franchise Vision Plan will help you refine and reach your goals for a profitable and rewarding career.

  • Social Networking Skills.

    Being overly sociable might get you in trouble at your 9-to-5 (“We don’t pay you to chit-chat!”), but social networking is essential in the home improvement business. An outgoing personality and willingness to “communicate with individuals who are external to the business” helps build extensive professional networks that are invaluable to start-ups and established businesses alike (Owens et al., 2013, p. 77). When you join the Kitchen Solvers team, you join a big franchise family with many pre-existing vendor and manufacturer relationships in place, but we still expect strong social skills from all our franchisees.

Learn More About the Kitchen Solvers Home Improvement Business Model If you recognize these 7 essential personality traits in yourself, get in touch with a Kitchen Solvers representative to learn more about our opportunity. References Owens, K. S., Kirwan, J. R., Lounsbury, J. W., Levy, J. J., & Gibson, L. W. (2013). Personality correlates of self-employed small business owners’ success. Work, 45(1), 73-85.


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