Best Franchises to Own for Industry Outsiders

Best Franchises to Own for Industry Outsiders

Today’s post touches on 4 factors that make Kitchen Solvers one of the best franchises to own for industry outsiders.

  • Established brand name.

    Starting a business on your own is hard enough without having to win the trust and goodwill of your community. While some businesses are more “trust-centric” than others, 9 out of 10 consumers will choose an established brand name over a start-up.

    Accordingly, the best franchises to own are those that have already slogged through the trials and tribulations of building a brand from scratch. Ideally, your chosen franchise will have a strong reputation that starts drumming up leads from day-one.

    An established brand name also provides a degree of assurance as to the quality and integrity of the franchisor, since companies who mistreat or manipulate their franchisees never last long.

    If brand name and reputation are important to you, Kitchen Solvers is undeniably one of the best franchises to own.

    A quick Google search substantiates this claim. We’ve accrued countless rave reviews from customers, earned 5-star praise from the Better Business Bureau, and our current and former franchisees have only good things to say.

    You can learn more about the Kitchen Solvers brand by visiting

  • A strong franchise family.

    Established brand names and strong franchise networks go hand in hand; the longer a brand has been around, the greater the likelihood that they’ve expanded into a strong, supportive family.

    Strong franchise families are useful to newcomers trying to get started in an unfamiliar industry because they act as support systems. In addition to all the formal training and support that your franchisor should provide, you’ll be able to lean on fellow franchisees for trade secrets, troubleshooting, and advice. For industry newcomers, this can make all the difference.

    If having a supportive franchise family is important to you, then, once again, Kitchen Solvers qualifies as one of the best franchises to own. With over 50 active units in the US and 34 years of franchising under our belt, we have built a franchise family to be proud of.

  • Top tier training.

    Industry outsiders rely on high-quality and fat-free training programs to rapidly develop relevant work skills. Unfortunately, some franchise opportunities are “skill prohibitive,” which means that they insist candidates have specific training and experience to qualify for ownership.

    At Kitchen Solvers, our training programs have helped newcomers with no relevant installation, design, or sales experience develop into leaders in the kitchen remodeling industry. Our training system covers everything from pre-launch planning and back office management to hands-on installations and vendor management. Learn more about the Kitchen Solvers Advantage at

  • Easy and affordable start-up.

    Starting a business from scratch is hard and expensive, which is one reason why franchising, with its streamlined pre-launch processes and discounted supply packages, is so appealing.

    But some franchises are still very cost-prohibitive. And that’s a major deterrent for newcomers who may not want to sink all their savings into an industry whose long-term viability is not yet clear.

    Consequently, most newcomers look for something affordable that will allow them to test the waters without breaking the bank.

    If that’s you, Kitchen Solvers qualifies as one of the best franchises to own. Most of our franchisees get started for $65,765 to $90,535, which includes a large amount of liquid capital. You can find a complete itemized breakdown of our start-up costs as defined in the Franchise Disclosure Document at

If these criteria resonate with you, why not give Kitchen Solvers a call and see if our system is truly the best franchise to own in you unique situation? Call 1-866-604-0002 with any questions you may have.


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