5 Things To Know About Handyman Franchises

5 Things To Know About Handyman Franchises


Anybody aspiring to own their own business should look into their handyman franchise options. Here are five things you should know about handyman franchises.

1. You Don’t Need To Have Construction Or Renovation Experience To Succeed With A Handyman Franchise.

Many people have an interest in design, so they’re intrigued by owning a handyman franchise, but they fear that they don’t have enough construction, renovation, or carpentry experience. Or maybe they have corporate experience and understand the great opportunities offered by handyman franchises but don’t think they’re handy enough to run such a business. But this doesn’t have to be an impediment.

Here we see one of the advantages of buying a handyman franchise as opposed to starting your own business. A good franchisor can teach you everything you need to know. You can learn how to install kitchen cabinets, how to use the tools of the job, and much more. Being disciplined, motivated, and committed to customer service is far more important than knowing how to work a drill.

2. Handyman Businesses Are Low-Cost Franchises.

It’s not just a perceived lack of experience that dissuades some from pursuing franchise ownership. Some people assume that buying and starting up a handyman business is just too expensive. But it’s actually one of the lowest cost franchises around. Buying and beginning a handyman business typically costs around $100,000, and much of that can be financed. At Kitchen Solvers, we look for candidates with a net worth of least $150,000, $30,000 in liquid capital, and a minimum credit score of 700.

3. There Is A Huge Demand For Handyman Services Right Now.

Somewhat counterintuitively, handyman and remodeling services have been in demand since almost the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. There are a number of reasons for this, both social and economic. And even if demand tapers off slightly in the coming years, it will stay strong as long has property prices stay high, and they show absolutely no signs of dropping soon.

4. Kitchens And Bathrooms Offer Many Opportunities For Remodelers.

Demand is high for all types of remodels, but perhaps none more than kitchens and bathrooms. These have always been hotspots for remodeling. People use them more than other rooms so wear and tear, plus steam and cooking, age these rooms faster than others.

5. Not All Handymen Are Men.

We say “handyman” much like we say, “manhole cover”. It’s just a term. Many Kitchen Solvers franchise partners are women and many are husband-and-wife teams. You can be a handyman no matter what your gender is.

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