Opening a Kitchen Cabinet Franchise: 3 Things to Consider

Opening-a-Kitchen-Cabinet-Franchise-3-Things-to-ConsiderSo, you want to start a kitchen cabinet franchise or business!

Once you’ve sized up the competition and gotten some idea of what you’re up against, you have to start thinking about how you’re going to separate yourself from the herd. The resilience and profitability of the kitchen cabinet industry is no secret, so if you want to make headway in this competitive market, you’ll need strategies that get you quick local gains.

Read on to learn three considerations kitchen cabinet businesses should make early on, and learn why it might be better to buy a kitchen cabinet franchise instead!

Develop Your Portfolio And Display It Proudly

It is crucial for your cabinet business’s success that you document every project you complete. In doing so, every job becomes an opportunity to build a first-class business portfolio. These photos should be displayed on your social media page, website, and be included as part of your local marketing efforts. Without a portfolio, you will have no legs to stand on; clients want proof of your abilities, especially when you’re competing with nationally recognized and trusted kitchen cabinet franchises like Kitchen Solvers.

Spend Time Building Contractor Relationships For Better Talent Acquisition And Client Satisfaction

Kitchen cabinet business are surprisingly dependent on relationships. Kitchen cabinet franchise owners can’t handle every task themselves, and thus need a crew of contractors they can rely on to deliver remodels on-time and on-budget. This won’t happen overnight, even if you frequent the sites, suppliers, and hangouts these tradesmen spend time at.

Expect skepticism as you first engage, but trust that your business’s reliability, affordability, and quality will win them over in time. Investing time and effort into these relationships will boost your reputation with both clients and contractors, who are used to being treated like expendable resources. Once word spreads about your positive organizational culture, you’ll attract the top talents in your area, and will have a whole roster of capable workers to choose from.

Alternately, you can opt to buy a kitchen cabinet franchise with Kitchen Solvers. Our company was founded in 1982, and has built an extensive professional network throughout the United States. Joining our franchise family gets you access to these networks, and all the advantages of our trusted brand reputation, so you can spend your time making sales rather than building relationships!

Build Competitive Cabinet Expertise

If you find it difficult to compete with the resources, prices, or technology that a large-scale kitchen cabinet competitor offers, you might find success monetizing your expertise. If clients know that you’re up on current trends, timeless classics, and eco-friendly alternatives, they’ll be inclined to seek your help when it’s time to choose style, materials, and build-outs. From the client’s perspective, it’s better to work with an experience consultant than an uninformed installation crew. In other words, you’re distinguishing yourself from the competition with the industry insights you offer.

Unfortunately, becoming an expert isn’t easy, so this tip might not apply for everyone. If you lack experience in this area, you can make up a lot by attending trade shows, conducting research, and speaking directly with contractors or suppliers. However, there are no guarantees as to how long this learning process will take, or even whether it will pay off in the end – some markets already have their “expert” niche filled, after all.

Take our kitchen cabinet franchise as an example. Kitchen Solvers is a premium kitchen cabinet franchise with nearly 30 years of experience on the frontlines of the industry. We are on the cutting edge of trends in design, materials, and refacing techniques, We have positioned ourselves as trusted experts in cabinet remodeling, and have locations throughout the country. Rather than competing with our kitchen cabinet franchise as the “expert” in your area, you could inquire about joining our family!


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