3 Tips to Save Money on Your Next Home Improvement Overhaul

3 Tips to Save Money on Your Next Home Improvement Overhaul For some reason, cabinets seem to get all the glory in where home improvements are concerned. When properly done, these kitchen assets are both functional and pleasing to the eye. Cabinets are usually the first thing that comes up during the planning stage, and they’re also one of the first things that potential home buyers spot during their walkthrough. Unfortunately, too many people end up overpaying for cabinets. Don’t mistake high quotes for high quality! Our home improvement franchise explains how you can save big money on what is traditionally a major kitchen and bathroom renovation expense. Try the following home improvement tips to eliminate costly mistakes in your next kitchen or bathroom overhaul.

Eliminate Costly Mistakes with Cabinet Hanging Tips

  • Remember to strip off all doors and drawers before you attempt to hang or install your cabinetry. Though this extra step does eat up some time, it makes it so much easier to handle and align your cabinetry. The time you invest in stripping off doors will actually save you precious minutes later on with an easy install. Plus, less fumbling of heavy cabinetry means less dings and scratches for your house guests to spot!
  • Always try to install the upper cabinets first. Start in the corners and work your way out so you never risk cramping your workspace.
  • When installing the upper cabinets, be sure to place them in relation to the base cabinets. This looks cleaner and gives the entire cabinet unit more structural integrity.  Cut the height of the base cabinet so it suits the thickness of the countertop; base cabinets are typically 34 and 1/2” tall, while countertops are usually cut at a 1-½” thickness. Next, add 18” inches to account for the space between the upper and lower cabinets. Your grand total should be somewhere around 54” from the point the uppercut cabinet sits.
  • Cut holes for water lines and electrical boxes early on. Ideally, do this before you mount the cabinet. This will save a lot of time and avoid a lot of unwieldy work with power tools in a confined space.

Plan For Savings with Home Improvement Bargain Hunting Tips

Don’t expect saving opportunities to appear out of thin air – if you want to come in under budget and still end up with a stunning result, you need to plan for success. Much of the saving opportunities you’ll find during your home improvement project come early on while shopping for materials. Our home improvement franchise recommends the follow bargain hunting best practices:

  • Take advantage of floor model discounts whenever you can.
  • Shop in early fall whenever possible. Most manufacturers like to make room for the new models around this time, and that means discount opportunities.
  • Don’t be too proud to check out the scratch-and-dent discounts. It often costs much less to repair a scuff than the amount you’re actually saving!
  • Team up with friends and family to take advantage of volume discounts on appliances and cabinetry.

Don’t Forget Cabinet Refacing!

By “recycling” your existing frames, cabinet refacing can cut the time and expense of your kitchen overhaul in half! Most people cannot tell the difference between refaced cabinets and new units. If you want to explore this option in greater detail, please visit https://www.kitchensolversfranchise.com today!


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