3 Reasons to Start a Refacing Business in 2015

3 Reasons to Start a Refacing Business in 2015

When you look at college enrolment trends and job market prospects in 2015, you might start to question the claim that starting a refacing business with Kitchen Solvers Franchise is an incredible opportunity. As we enter deeper into the technological era, hands-on carpentry jobs are falling out of focus as our attention shifts to job creation in the worlds of electronics and the Internet.

However, holding firm beneath that virtual veneer is a bustling home improve industry that demands skilled design consulting, cabinetry construction, and refacing services. You can be part of one of the most vibrant and stable industries out there; home improvement is in demand regardless of the faltering economy, quavering realty market, or new “down-sizing” trends. Kitchen Solvers Franchise sets you up for success – read on to learn 3 reasons why you should start a refacing business with Kitchen Solvers franchise in 2015!

The home improvement industry is enjoying a growth spurt.

The winter was tough on the realty market, with Forbes magazine reporting nearly a 5% drop in real estate exchange through the season. Now that we have thawed out from this frigid realty paradigm, homeowners have warmed up and are looking to dive into the market. The Home Builders Group estimates that home sales will grow by nearly 8% throughout the later quarters of 2015. Furthermore, 2015 marks the first year that the Millennial generation will outnumber the Baby Boomers, who would traditionally slow the market by settling into their homes. Moving forward, we can expect this 20-something Millennial generation to start forming families and looking for homes. This is good news for the refacing business.            

Your refacing business will be in high demand when realty market moves are being made. Homeowners who want to add some figures to their closing sale amount will want to take advantage of this high-impact, low-cost kitchen remodeling alternative. American homeowners who do their research will know that cabinet refacing is one of the best ways to build up a juicy selling point in your home for relatively little, since so much is recycled during the process.

Alternately, those Millennials settling into their new homes may want to spruce up certain areas without blowing up their budgets. Cabinet refacing is the perfect solution again, because it allows a great deal of creative customization of your new space without costing you a great deal of cash.

In either scenario, your refacing business gets business! Refacing makes attracting homeowners easy because it is such a cost-effective way to get big home improvement results.

Environmentally-friendly techniques are mandatory in 2015.

Americans are more conscious of their environmental impacts than ever. Social marketing campaigns are pleading with people to make the effort to choose sustainable practices, and cabinet refacing is the perfect fit for this eco-friendly initiative.

Cabinet refacing involves stripping the existing cabinetry down to its framework, and then coating this frame in a beautiful protective finish. The drawers, handles, and cabinet faces are updated and installed on the existing framework. This minimizes the toll that your home improvement project takes on the environment in many ways. This technique alone significantly reduces transport emissions for deliveries of materials, landfill contributions, and more, but you can offer eco-conscious homeowners even more by aligning with Kitchen Solvers franchise. Kitchen Solvers franchise makes an effort to use as many reclaimed products as possible, and to recycle all eligible materials.

When homeowners are evaluating two equally-skilled remodeling franchises in 2015, the more eco-friendly company will always win!

The Kitchen Solvers brand has never looked better!

Kitchen Solvers are recognized as America’s authority for design consultations and construction in all bathroom and kitchen home remodeling projects. With almost 40 years in business in a highly-competitive home improvement industry, Kitchen Solvers franchise have distinguished themselves as one of the best. Our brand name is synonymous with quality and custom satisfaction, and you can enter into our franchise family to enjoy the benefits of our exemplary training and reputation!

If you are interested in learning more about refacing or any other aspect of the Kitchen Solvers franchise business model, then visit https://www.kitchensolversfranchise.com today!


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