What Makes a Good Kitchen Remodeling Franchise

Starting a small business by investing in a kitchen remodeling franchise is a great opportunity for a passionate designer, contractor, or construction professional. What makes a good kitchen remodeling franchise, though? How can an individual choose the franchise that offers the greatest potential for profitability and success? Here are a few important indicators to consider.

An Established Franchise Reputation

One of the key factors that will determine the success of a kitchen remodeling franchise is the reputation of the franchise itself. Why do business professionals choose to invest in a franchise rather than start a business from scratch? The answer is the resources offered through a franchising opportunity. Customers recognize business names. They prefer to deal with established and trustworthy brands. A kitchen remodeling franchise owner can lean on the good name of the company of which builds credibility and confidence with perspective clients. In addition, franchise opportunities provide an array of proven support systems. Unlike starting a business from scratch, franchise systems already have the programs in place to support franchisees. KitchenSolvers, for example, has been in the kitchen remodeling business since the 1980s. With over 30 years of experience, the KitchenSolvers franchise system has an impressive list of customers; more than 40,000 nationwide and also provides the necessary support systems to manage a franchise efficiently and profitably.

A Market that Demands Franchise Services

No franchise can succeed unless the market demands the services that the business is offering. A restaurant franchise could have the absolute best logo design, branding, customer relations, and reputation, but if no one wants to eat the food sold there, the business will fail. Thankfully, kitchen remodeling services are in high demand. Consumers are actively seeking kitchen remodeling franchises to tackle their next renovation project.

A Variety of Services and Options

Another bonus that contributes to the success of a kitchen remodeling franchise is a variety of services and options. Consumers don’t want to be limited in their choices when remodeling a kitchen. They want a smorgasbord of choices: cabinet materials and colors, countertop styles, flooring options, design elements, layout and structure, and other design factors need to come with multiple options. In this way, a kitchen remodeling franchise is able to market its services to a wide variety of customer personalities. Every customer and every project is different. More choices means more opportunity to please the customer.

Commitment to Customer Satisfaction

“The customer is king.” This is a common business phrase, and it’s quoted frequently because it is, quite simply, one of the pillars of small business success. Unless a kitchen remodeling franchise is committed to satisfying customers, it cannot hope to survive in a competitive business world. Expensive marketing campaigns cannot compare to the power of word-of-mouth marketing. Customers always talk, and it’s important to choose a kitchen remodeling franchise that promotes good talk and customer recommendations rather than complaints and frustration.

Commitment to Quality Craftsmanship

A kitchen remodeling franchise with a reputation for low-quality work will quickly fizzle and die. Customers are serious about quality, especially when it comes to home improvements. A kitchen remodeling job represents a very serious investment. Many customers are looking to spend several thousand dollars to update their kitchen. They do not want to invest this money in a kitchen that will deteriorate or present problems in the near future. Clients want long-lasting investment potential that will increase the value of their homes and the pleasure of spending time in the kitchen.

KitchenSolvers’ primary commitment is to quality, and this commitment is transferred to the kitchen remodeling franchise owner. The reputation for quality associated with KitchenSolvers becomes the reputation of the franchise owner, and customers will view the longevity of this business as an indicator of the high quality craftsmanship they can expect to receive.

Understanding the Latest Design Trends

Without an understanding of the latest design trends, a kitchen remodeling franchise risks presenting an outdated and out-of-touch image to the consumer population. Today’s consumer is exceptionally savvy. Customers are browsing online galleries and leafing through magazines to see just what the latest designers are doing to their kitchens.

Unless a customer is convinced that a kitchen remodeling franchise offers the latest and greatest design trends, he or she is likely to choose another business. Nobody wants to be stuck in the past. KitchenSolvers is committed to providing clients with updated options and styles for a wide variety of kitchen remodeling jobs. When an individual invests in this kitchen remodeling franchise, he or she becomes an immediate partner in this commitment to modernism, design savvy, and forward-thinking. Kitchen Solvers stay’s on the cutting edge of kitchen remodeling by continually improving their vendor, marketing, sales, product, and business management systems.

The Franchise Owner

All of the above mentioned characteristics are crucial to the ultimate success of a kitchen remodeling franchise, but the profitability of a franchise truly depends on the commitment and passion of the franchise owner. A kitchen remodeling franchise could have access to the latest tools, techniques, and trends, but it will still fail unless it is captained by a motivated, determined, and hard-working individual. The individual that has a passion for success and a commitment to providing exceptional customer service are those that succeed within this business model.

Those that care about the services they are offering and the industry in which they specialize are far more likely to give the extra effort when compared with individuals who are interested only in a bottom line.

While this may seem like a great deal of pressure for the kitchen remodeling franchise owner, it’s actually a very liberating truth. Marketing know-how, years of contracting or construction experience, and even basic skills like communication and networking take a backseat to passion and determination. An individual who possesses these basic skills will find success with a kitchen remodeling franchise. The franchisor provides the necessary support systems to operate the business, but having a undying passion to help your customers is the one true ingredient for success.

Consumer demand continues to increase for kitchen and bath remodeling and projections show an increase through the end of 2015. Kitchen Solvers invites passionate and driven professionals to forego the traditional workplace and embrace the journey to self-employment through a proven system of success.


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