What Do You Need To Succeed With A Home Remodeling Franchise?

What Do You Need To Succeed With A Home Remodeling Franchise?

A home remodeling franchise is one of the best businesses you can invest in right now, but what do you need to have to be able to succeed with one?

You Need The Right Connections To Succeed With A Home Remodeling Franchise.

Let’s imagine somebody who has worked in renovation, construction, and/or carpentry for years and has a wealth of experience. This is somebody who’s good with their hands. Let’s imagine they also have a lot of money saved up to weather several unprofitable years and they have a great personality and good customer service instincts. Such a person would be better suited than most to succeed with a completely independent home remodeling business. And they would still have a tough time getting started with a business.

Even if you’re perfectly capable of handling any remodeling job, how would anybody know? Maybe extended family and friends would hire you, but going by word of mouth alone is not a great strategy to build your business. Nobody knows you from any other handyperson online, so what would make them hire you? However, if they don’t recognize your name, but they do recognize your brand, they’re much likelier to hire you.

Picking The Right Franchisor To Partner With Is Key.

A home remodeling franchise that people trust is one you want to buy. But a good franchisor gives you more than just a brand name. They have industry connections. For example, they have relationships with expert cabinet makers who can sell you the cabinetry customers want at affordable prices.

A good franchisor also offers you advice, marketing support, and all the training you need. At Kitchen Solvers, many of our most successful franchise partners didn’t have any experience installing cabinets when they started. We taught them everything they needed to know. Handywork experience is far less important than a strong work ethic and a devotion to customer service.

You Need The Right Financial Backing.

Home remodeling franchises are low-cost franchises. While operating a showroom can help, you don’t need one, and that can cut down on overhead costs. You don’t need many—or even any—employees to start off with, so you won’t spend a lot in payroll. However, this is still a business you’re buying and operating. Before you start, you should have a net worth of at least $150,000 and $30,000 in liquid assets.

Kitchen Solvers Offers Top Home Remodeling Franchise Opportunities.

At Kitchen Solvers, we are always looking for qualified candidates to work with us heading up one of our home remodeling franchises. If you have any questions or want to begin the process of becoming a franchise partner, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.


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