What Do You Look for in a Home Improvement Franchise?

What Do You Look for in a Home Improvement Franchise? With their low fixed costs and high margins, home improvement franchises are among the fastest growing businesses in the entire franchise industry. That means opportunities abound, which, believe it or not, can be a bit of a mixed blessing. On the one hand, it’s proof that you’re about to enter into a promising and profitable industry. But the sheer number of home improvement franchise opportunities can also make choosing the right company feel a bit like throwing darts in the dark. A quick Google search for “home improvement franchises” yields 6,800,000 results in under a second. How in the world are you supposed to choose which is right for you? And how do you know what separates the good from the bad? At Kitchen Solvers, we know choosing a home improvement franchise can be daunting, especially for first-time investors. And that’s why we put together today’s post. Read on to learn three things to look for in a home improvement franchise so you can make an informed investment.

Fees with Substance

Franchising fees and royalties are part and parcel of owning a home improvement franchise. But what are you really paying for? Some home improvement franchises point to the lead-generating power of their brand name; the access to a proven business model; or the start-up training programs. But these are typically all rolled into the initial franchise fee. So what are your royalties really going towards (other than stuffing the franchisors pockets)? If your home improvement franchise has trouble explaining how your franchise fees are being put to use, consider that a red flag. Kitchen Solvers is constantly investing in ongoing research and development designed to keep their home improvement franchise ahead of the competition. These fees also fund our responsive support services and national marketing campaigns. To learn more about our home improvement franchise fees, check out our itemized start-up cost breakdown.

Smart Territory Systems

Running a service-based franchise means that you’ll be operating your business within a predetermined locality. As such, it’s critical that you find a brand that uses a territory system to keep fellow franchisees from competing and cannibalizing sales. Kitchen Solvers provides franchisees with exclusive rights to defined geographic territories, each of which are carefully selected to maximize profitability and long-term growth. You can learn more about our system here.

Proven Training and Support

Most franchise systems offer about two weeks of training. You get a speedy rundown of the business, a stack of operations manuals, and a pat on the back. Good luck! We believe franchisees deserve a whole lot more. When you join the Kitchen Solvers team, you receive more than two months of individualized, top-tier training that will equip you with all the skills and knowledge required to run a successful home improvement franchise. Though a background in sales, remodeling, and customer service comes in handy, absolutely no experience is required–in fact, some of our most successful franchisees entered into the system without any relevant skills. Training covers sales, marketing, website management, installations, customer service, long-term business planning, proprietary software use, and much more. We take our franchise support obligations seriously, too. Kitchen Solvers employs a tight-knit group of highly qualified support staff dedicated to providing you with comprehensive and ongoing assistance. So even after training ends, you get responsive remote and on-site assistance with operations, business management, marketing, design, installation, sales, and more. We even take the stress out of staffing with screening and employee evaluation services that help franchisees identify, hire, and motivate the best possible candidates. Learn more about what to look for in a home improvement franchise at https://www.kitchensolversfranchise.com


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