What Are Some Popular Kitchen And Bath Remodeling Ideas?

What Are Some Popular Kitchen And Bath Remodeling Ideas?

If you’re in the remodeling business, it helps to know what’s fashionable. In this article, we look at some popular kitchen and bath remodeling ideas.

Why Do Kitchen And Bath Remodeling Ideas Matter?

Trends, fashions, and styles come and go. As long as people want some kind of style, then kitchen and bathroom remodelers will have customers, right? On an industry level, this is true. If everybody in America decided tomorrow that they all wanted bright purple cabinetry with lime green trim, it would be great for remodelers, if not for our collective sense of aesthetics.

But when we start comparing different remodeling businesses to one another, that’s when it becomes key to be able to deliver the trends and aesthetics that clients want. You have to know what’s popular to be able to provide it. Furthermore, many customers don’t have a crystal-clear vision for the kitchen or bathroom they want. Or maybe they just don’t have the words to express what they want. That’s when having your finger on the pulse of remodeling trends can help you. So, just what are some popular kitchen and bath remodeling ideas?

Wood Is Out And Clean Is In.

Wood is still a popular material for cabinetry, of course, but many customers don’t want their kitchen to look dated with traditional wood cabinetry. While earthy, cabin-like looks may have been popular 10-20 years ago, people tend to want a cleaner look now. Light colors such as off-white, grey, and the creatively named “greige” are more popular shades for kitchen cabinets these days. This kitchen transformation is a good example of that.

When Matte’s Not Enough, Go SuperMatte.

Possibly because kitchens are trending lighter and brighter, customers are moving away from shiny surfaces. Maybe they don’t want a kitchen quite so gleaming that it hurts their eyes. Or maybe matte’s just in right now. Whatever the reason, matte finishes are popular, but it doesn’t stop there. Many customers are requesting SuperMatte. Here’s an example of SuperMatte.

People Are Still Open To Open Concept.

Open concept kitchens, living rooms, and offices have been popular for seemingly 20 years now. But open concept still remains a priority for many customers. Open concept kitchens allow for better flow and more space, as exemplified in this remodel in which Kitchen Solvers removed two bulky pillars.

Kitchen Solvers Offers Amazing Kitchen And Bath Remodeling Franchise Opportunities.

Of course, these are just three trends we’ve noticed in kitchen and bath remodeling. As a franchise partner, you may have a client who wants something totally different, as long as you can realize the client’s vision, you’ve done a great job. To learn more, please get in touch with us.


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