Style and Sustainability: Go Green with your Refacing Franchise

Style and Sustainability Go Green with your Refacing FranchiseIf you are looking into home improvement or kitchen refacing franchise ownership, you probably already know that there are a great number of reasons to choose Kitchen Solvers. From brand recognition to unparalleled access to high-quality materials, Kitchen Solvers refacing franchise makes business ownership better for you. The Kitchen Solvers brand is backed by over 30 years of quality service, and this is good news for prospective business owners who have understandable anxiety about branching out alone. Rather than suffering through a lull in business before your name gets out there, Kitchen Solvers puts you on the map from the moment you open your doors. You hit the ground running, since the Kitchen Solvers name gets you the endorsement of thousands of American homeowners who have been left satisfied with a custom kitchen or bathroom over the past 3 decades.

As easy as Kitchen Solvers makes it to start your business, things get even simpler once you’re on the job with clients. Kitchen refacing franchise gives prospective business owners the best training, material access, and cost-effective construction techniques so that you are set up for success and customer satisfaction on every job site. Our training program prepares you for whatever this industry might throw your way, and fellow Kitchen Solvers franchisees are always standing by to offer advice for those unexpected issues. You are almost guaranteed to impress your client with our exclusive access to premium material listings, and the acquisition process is a breeze. If our selection of top-tier countertop, cabinetry, and bathroom building materials doesn’t wow your client, the money, time, and emissions they can save with our cabinet refacing technique will.

Our innovative cabinet refacing technique is one of the more underappreciated perks that Kitchen Solvers can offer prospective franchisees. It is easy to overlook what is essentially a sophisticated form of “Cabinet recycling” when assessing Kitchen Solver’s full home improvement and remodeling service suite. Overlooking cabinet refacing is a mistake for both homeowners and business owners, though. Not only is this technique aesthetically gorgeous and money-saving, but it is extremely environmentally-friendly and sustainable.

This “Green” eco-friendly requirement is something that is valued extremely highly in our society by conscious consumers. As we learn more about the current unsustainable condition of our planet and consumption patterns, it looks as though we can expect some policy to be enacted in the future mandating eco-friendly business practices for all. Kitchen Solvers refacing franchise puts you ahead of the curve in this respect, giving you early access to a powerfully “Green” home improvement technique.

What Makes Kitchen Solvers Kitchen Refacing Franchise So “Green”?

Aside from the green cash that will be rolling in as conscious consumers turn to your company, Kitchen Solvers’ cabinet refacing technique minimizes wastage, landfill deposits, delivery truck emissions, and deforestation. Refacing eliminates the need for a full-on cabinet replacement, giving your kitchen a whole new look by treating your existing cabinet frames, and replacing drawers, handles, and doors. This saves hundreds or thousands of dollars, and a whole lot of urea-formaldehyde leaking into the earth from cabinetry stuffed in landfills! Refacing with solid wood promotes sustainability, and also minimizes the amount of harmful chemicals that you are introducing inside the home. This means you can ensure the safety both of your family, and the environment. For business owners, having these facts and techniques in your pocket greatly increases your conversation rate!

Aside from our Green advantages as a kitchen refacing franchise, Kitchen Solvers makes an effort to work only with material manufacturers who maintain a commitment to a healthy and safe environment. Our material providers promote recycling practices, and routinely deal in products made with “reclaimed” materials like lacquer thinner, printer and copier paper, corrugated products for packaging, and fiber-board pallets.

Whether you are a conscious consumer seeking an affordable way to transform your kitchen without impacting our earth, or a business owner who loves economic and environmental “green” equally, then Kitchen Solvers refacing franchise is for you!


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