Simple 2-Point Checklist to Help you Prepare for your Kitchen Solvers Remodeling Consultation

Simple 2-Point Checklist to Help you Prepare for your Kitchen Solvers Remodeling Consultation

If you have committed to the decision to pursue a kitchen remodeling project, then congratulations! You are about to embark on a short and enjoyable journey that will yield you a much more stylish and spacious kitchen with value that can be quantified in your realty listing price. Starting renovations on your home’s most prized living space can be a nerve-wracking endeavor, but with adequate preparation you can savor this moment rather than stress about it. Even the least handy of handymen and most uninspired of designers should be able to enjoy the planning of their new kitchen space, since Kitchen Solvers franchises offer an accommodating consultation service that can translate your personal tastes into the perfect choice of materials, cabinet lay-out, and color combinations. Read on for a –point checklist to help you prepare for a visit from one of the industry’s best kitchen consulting franchises to ensure that you get exactly what you want!

1.   Know your budget.

You may want golden cabinets and diamond-gilded countertops, but even the best of ideas dissolve into nothing if they fall far outside of your budget. Pursuing one design idea without keeping your budget in mind will likely result in either a half-finished project, or one whose original planning had to be significantly compromised. Part of knowing your budget is knowing where your money is coming from. Have you been saving over time thus building a “slush fund” knowing this day would come? Are you looking to finance the project? Or are you simply going to draw money from your savings? Suffice to say, the important thing to keep in mind is knowing what you have to work with and where the money is coming from.

It is important to be entirely transparent about your budget with your Kitchen Solvers consultant, especially in this planning stage. In the same way that a ship’s captain sailing a single degree off course can leave you miles off course by the end of your journey, a minor budgetary misjudgment in the kitchen remodel planning phase can manifest as a huge problem further down the road. Though this advice may be impractical if you are unfamiliar with your chosen kitchen remodeler’s scruples, Kitchen Solvers consultants can be trusted to work within your budget and maximize the value available to you.

2.   Know what you like.

For many, the most enjoyable part of the planning process is found when custom-designing your kitchen. This is your opportunity to let your imagination work its magic, so that you can dream up the perfect kitchen conditions for your unique lifestyle. Before your consultation, you should get your ideas in order. It is extremely helpful to gather pictures that reflect the style that you are looking to establish in your own home. This is especially true for people with limited construction and renovation experience, since it is easier to look at pictures to decide what appeals to you than to read measurements, material names, and cabinetry stock styles to try to make the same decision. Some good places to look for inspiration are:

  • Magazines – The market for home remodeling magazines is massive. Flip through some of your favorite names and cut out any pictures that match your tastes.
  • Photographs – Keep a camera or cell phone with camera capabilities handy at all times, and if you find yourself in the home of a friend, business associate, or family member who has exceptional kitchen tastes, don’t hesitate to snap a picture to show your Kitchen Solvers consultant. Your host will be flattered and likely eager to show off their home design through you.
  • Online resources – Websites such as Pinterest, reddit, and all manner of social media are also excellent resources for kitchen remodeling ideas. Run some simple Google searches and browse some remodeling websites so that you show up to your consultation well-equipped.

The design phase can be one of the most enjoyable parts of the process if you follow these two simple steps. With as little information as this, Kitchen Solvers consulting franchise representatives can help you carve out the perfect kitchen conditions for you and your family. Contact your local Kitchen Solvers franchise today to start dreaming up some exciting possibilities!


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