Should I Start a Refacing Business? Why Cabinet Refacing Makes Sense

Should I Start a Refacing Business? Why Cabinet Refacing Makes Sense

If you’re considering entering into the home improvement sector, starting a refacing business with Kitchen Solvers is an excellent approach.

What is a cabinet refacing business, anyway?

First, a word on cabinet refacing itself. As the name implies, cabinet “refacing” businesses are all about giving their clients’ cabinetry a “new face,” without having to replace the cabinet boxes. Instead, this process involves replacing the door and drawer fronts while keeping the cabinet boxes intact.

Though some cabinet refacing businesses deal exclusively in this service, cabinet refacing is just one tool in our belts at Kitchen Solvers, allowing us to provide stunning results on modest budgets in a fraction of the time that homeowners are used to waiting for home improvement projects to wrap up.

At Kitchen Solvers, our cabinet refacing business handles much more than the basic installation. We help homeowners design their dream cabinets, track down premium materials for less than they’d pay at the hardware store, then handle the actual renovations ourselves. More than skilled laborers, we partner with our clients to work together towards their perfect home, offering guidance, support, and advice along every step of the way.

Understanding the Client’s Perspective: Advantages of Hiring a Cabinet Refacing Business

Before one can fully appreciate the value of Kitchen Solvers cabinet refacing business opportunities, it’s helpful to look at things from the consumer’s point of view. Once you realize how compelling of an offer your refacing business can make consumers, you’ll understand exactly why the Kitchen Solvers franchise system is so successful.

  • Low cost. Home improvement project costs can seriously spiral out of control, which only adds value to the savings that are possible via cabinet refacing. Buying new cabinets can take a huge bite out of your remodeling budget, but refacing allows you to “recycle” existing cabinets with stunning results. Furthermore, cabinet refacing often allows homeowners to avoid hiring contractors to disconnect water, gas, and electrical lines that may be disturbed during full-on replacements.So what’s the bottom-line? Clients get the same results as a full-on replacement at a fraction of the cost, which means happy homeowners and never-ending business for your franchise!
  • Cabinet refacing preserves precious countertops. Removing countertops is often necessary for full-on cabinet replacements. In some cases, this can be risky; the majority of broken countertops have cabinet replacements to blame. In contrast, cabinet refacing typically allows installers to work around countertop removals. Not only does this save time, but it keeps your precious countertops safe!
  • Wide selection. Some clients mistake cabinet refacing for a less versatile option than full-on replacements, when this is clearly not the case. In reality, cabinet refacing gives homeowners practically endless options. Wood veneers are available in just about any wood species and finish you can imagine, so client options are always diverse!
  • Cabinet refacing saves serious time. Bath and kitchen remodeling projects put a primacy on speed. These rooms are the most practical parts of the home; shutting them down for extended periods is completely inconvenient. Fortunately, refacing is quick and efficient. When clients want results as stunning as they are speedy, they’ll contact your refacing business!

You can learn more about the value and profitability of starting a refacing business with Kitchen Solvers at!

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