Refinishing Franchise Tips to Avoid 8 Costly Cabinet Mistakes

Refinishing Franchise Tips to Avoid 8 Costly Cabinet Mistakes Our refinishing franchise has compiled 8 rapid-fire tips to help you avoid costly cabinet mistakes on your next remodel. Read on to save yourself time, money, and headaches!

  • Inaccurate measurements

    are number one on our list because they’re the number-one cause for major project delays. To keep your project on schedule, double-check all measurements–measure twice, cut once–including ceiling height and wall-to-wall distances. Also be sure to account for windows or doorways that affect the alignment of your cabinetry.

  • Failing to account for your super-sized appliances.

    Appliance upgrades should be exciting, not stressful. But many people mistakenly assume their new appliances will fit in the spaces where their old ones sat. Unfortunately, that’s rarely the case; what was standard size 20 years ago is dwarfed by the super-sized appliances of today. Carefully measure your new refrigerator, stove, or dishwasher in-store or request detailed specs from the manufacturer before you commit to your cabinet layout.

  • Free-styling your cabinet layout.

    Creative freedom is a wonderful thing, but there’s a time and a place for that. Without a plan, you plan to fail. Even a DIYer should consult with a refinishing franchise or cabinet manufacturer before getting started. Both have design experts on hand who can help you choose appropriate styles and sizes, and avoid the haphazard placement that can make a kitchen ugly and dysfunctional.

  • Failing to inspect your cabinets upon delivery.

    There’s always something that needs your attention in the middle of a remodel, so it can be hard to carve out time to inspect your cabinets once they arrive. But it needs to be done, because manufacturers make mistakes. Our refinishing franchise staff hear stories every day about customers who ended up with cabinets that were the wrong size, style, or color. Had they just inspected the product sooner, these people might have avoided the delay and corrected the problem before it was time to install.

  • Overlooking lighting.

    What does lighting have to do with your cabinet remodel? The answer might surprise you–or maybe not, since the kitchen is a workspace where sharp knives and hot elements are used day-in and day-out. Before you commit to your cabinets, you need to decide whether you plan on using under-cabinet lighting, track, or recessed lights. If so, get your electrician to take care of the preliminary work before your cabinets are installed. This will be cheaper and easier, especially if you follow tip #1 and provide them with accurate measurements of cabinet height and depth.

  • Plumbing problems.

    Like lighting, plumbing needs to be factored into the plan early on. If you don’t know the plumbing layout, all progress grinds to a halt. And if you start your installation before it’s sorted, you’re in for some costly backpedaling. Have a firm design in place that accounts for appliances like dishwashers, trash compactors, and refrigerators. Also consider whether you plan to have additional plumbing put in later.

  • Taking the “new or nothing” approach.

    New cabinets are great, but they’re not always necessary. Refinished cabinets look and feel just like new, without the premium price tag. Contact a representative from the Kitchen Solver’s refinishing franchise to learn more.

  • Attempting the installation on your own.

    This is not an attack on the DIY crowd (though we do encourage you to contact our refinishing franchise for best results), but rather a word of warning about treating cabinet installations like a one-man job. Cabinets are heavy, awkward, and difficult to place, so call a friend (or better yet, a member of a refinishing franchise expert!).

Find More Tips on Cabinet Refinishing and Kitchen Remodeling Contact our refinishing franchise at to learn more, or browse our free informational resources on-site.


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